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    V1 virtical

    Ive seen mounts that make your v1 sideways in fact mine can do either horizontal or vertical. Does anyone run their v1 vertical and what is the point better off axis... Im looking at a different spot to mount mine and am thinking of maybe doing this.
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    what works best with v1?

    OK... as most know im having interference with my v1 and my samsung galaxy s4... turns out the s4 is terrible... everytime i make a call on it it fires laser alert and x band... its quit when not in use.. my s3 was not in use and would just spam me x band the whole drive. since i cant figure...
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    what phone should I get to stop the falses

    Ok posted yesterday... it seems my new phone causes my v1 to spam me x band alerts only when I'm in the middle of nowhere with my phone searching for a signal. I did try the airplane mode and that seemed to stop it... well I'm a greedy man and I would like to have my phone availible for phone...
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    new phone issues

    Ok I take this rote everyday to work... back road boons... I had about 50 x band alerts. Wtf so I call v1 tell them I got a new phone ...they say it is probably the phone interfering. I have the samsung galaxy s 3... verizon... plz help. I had a non smart phone att before this one with no...
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    Game on! Yav1 or v1c

    Ok just got my smart phone back... Have had the v1 for around 3 months im ready to go further.. I just got my android. But dont know where to get started... First im going to go head and order my connect from v1 then im lost from this point... Should i use v1c or yav1? thanks
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    Not sure what the problem is plz help!

    I swear since my v1 purchase... The only time it goes off is when I'm by Walgreens or a gas station... I realize the fact that not all police have radar on.... But... Ive passed at least 15 cops.... Just tonight one was sitting with his lights off campin at the corner mart pointed right at the...
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    Ohio users please reply

    I know the state of ohio uses x, k, ka, laser... They use it all what do you guys run for settings i have everything on including traffic monitoring due to ohio having the most in the country... Do you run lil l big l or a in what situations. Let me know so i can maybe try your settings. Thanks
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    Concealed display

    I got the concealed display, on impulse... I though it was pretty much an extra screen so i would not lose any alert due to road noise or music... I wish it showed on concealed as i have it on my left side and the main unit on my right... I really dont recall anyone trying to peep at it to see...
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    Scratches on front lens

    This has bothered me since last week... I called the windshield company who replaced my window and they said they did t touch it but i know the lie... They put a light scratch down the front. Valentine said it doesn't effect anything and im sure it but damn 500 bucks and i am not a fan of...
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    Valentine one 3.893

    I have had this radar detecter for about a month now and it seems like my range is not good at all i was drving down a side street and seen the cop maybe a half a block away be for my v1 alerted for k band. I live in ohio and have all bands on i was running in L mode at that time, also it seems...