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  1. 2018GTI

    Hello from New Zealand

    Welcome, great pick with the R3!
  2. 2018GTI

    uniden r3

  3. 2018GTI

    New to the thread

    Welcome, read up and don't be shy to ask questions!
  4. 2018GTI

    North Caroline R3 user

    Welcome, you picked a great detector for your area!
  5. 2018GTI

    New user

    Welcome, that's a lot of real estate to cover!
  6. 2018GTI

    Unicorn updates

  7. 2018GTI

    Radar Detector Recommendation for r3awak3n

    For me it certainly would--but its your choice!
  8. 2018GTI

    New Member NYC

    Welcome, add a jammer to the V1G2/JBV1 combo and you are set!
  9. 2018GTI


    Welcome, that's one way to upgrade!
  10. 2018GTI

    Hi I am Coach Ron

    Welcome, 510 pics please!
  11. 2018GTI

    New User in Regina SK

    Welcome, glad to have you!
  12. 2018GTI

    New from NYC

  13. 2018GTI

    New to RD Forum from NJ

  14. 2018GTI

    New in the Denver area

    Welcome and thanks for joining!
  15. 2018GTI

    Hello all! Good to be apart of this?

    Welcome, there is a lot of info around here! Read up and and don't be shy to ask questions.
  16. 2018GTI

    New Member with some questions

  17. 2018GTI

    Highway Radar v2.5.1: just some minor improvements

    It takes a little while for the system to recognize you. Try searching now!
  18. 2018GTI

    Another member from upstate NY

    Yeah, just stick with it! Google your car for amplifier installations and you will likely find the firewall penetration. I didn't do my GTI, but I did do my 2011 Ford Transit. I learned a lot!
  19. 2018GTI

    Another member from upstate NY

    Welcome, the R7 and jammers would be a solid set up for you! Installing jammers is easier than you think. Just take time with the heads. If the firewall or tapping power is intimidating, have a shop just do that part.
  20. 2018GTI

    New Escort MAX 360c Bluetooth Issue