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    360C Multaradar false

    I really like the features and capabilities of this detector but the multaradar falses are driving me nuts. Does anyone know if the auto lockouts work for multaradar? I’ve disabled it for now even though I face some threats in Maryland, it’s just too annoying on 1.8 firmware.
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    Any updates on supply chain

    Can we start a new thread for lumber and chlorine? LOL.
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    Smart Cord Wire Gauge

    I finally got in touch with Escort. It’s a RJ 11 6 pin connector but only 4 pins are used.
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    Smart Cord Wire Gauge

    Should of asked this one to begin with. To extend the RJ45 cord should I just buy a coupler? Is the flat wire Cat 5 or something else?
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    Smart Cord Wire Gauge

    Confirmed the smart cord is 24AWG.
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    Smart Cord Wire Gauge

    Does anyone know the gauge wire used with the Escort Smart Cord? I need to splice in couple of extra feet in order to mount the button where it's easily reachable.
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    I probably have given enough complaints. : )

    K band on my new RL360C is driving me nuts. I do have it segmented per @Vortex recommendations but not running K Notch. Is K Notch used just to reduce BSM's or are their legitimate threats out there? How many times do you have to pass a false for the auto learn feature to kick in?
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    Need to mount Redline 360C high

    Thanks for the additional tip. Now I just have to figure out how to remove the VHB tape I stuck to the windshield!
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    Need to mount Redline 360C high

    Now why didn't I think of that! Thanks.
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    Need to mount Redline 360C high

    I need to figure out a way to get the 360C higher up on the windshield for my travels through VA and DC. I bought the one in the link below thinking it would be higher than the standard suction cup but the arm is long and the RD sits almost below the rear view mirror with it mounted as high as...
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    Status of RL360c backorders is....

    Crutchfield has them in stock. Mine arrived yesterday.
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    Any updates on supply chain

    Well the chip delay kind of settles things for me. I've ordered a 360C(Crutchfield had limited inventory) and will move my ProM to my wife's car. Once Theia is released I'll probably sell my 360C.
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    Redline 360C will be my next detector...

    I love the Blendmount for my dash cam. Unfortunately driving through VA there's no way I'm going to hang my RD that low.
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    Pro M falling behind the competition?

    Yep, sure do. Also picked up a laser ticket last year in VA, but that's not the Pro M's fault.
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    Pro M falling behind the competition?

    This is a very timely thread for me. I‘ve been waiting patiently for Theia’s release so I could give my Pro M to my wife. As time drags on I’m starting to lose interest in Theia. I’m now considering the V1 Gen 2 or the R7. I drive in VA often and have appreciated the small footprint of the Pro...
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    Theia the Ultimate CannonBall RD

    Is the Radenso ticket guarantee still applicable if you’re running a Cannonball? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    MagSafe wireless charging car mount

    Check out Pro Clip USA. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Why Theia at a price point of $1000+ is not cost effective.

    And I'm getting ready to spend $329 on a coffee maker - Technivorm Moccamaster. Does it make coffee? Yes. Does it taste the same as a cup of coffee being made from my crappy Keurig machine? Doubt it.
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    iPhone 12 will emit Lidar

    No issues with my ProM being close to my iPhone 12 and iphone 12 Pro.
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    2021 Ford Bronco

    Yeah, Ford's blowing it changing the goal post mid game, at lot of people are pissed off over at the bronco6g forum. At least X Plan is still available on the Sport which is what I'm buying to replace my wife's Forester. The best deals still out there seem to be Granger Ford in IA and Stephens...