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  1. stano0098

    Pennsylvania 2021 RADAR for local PD use bill

    Use permitted only by full time police officers. Employed by full time, full service police agencies and only following an approved course of training and refresher course every three years. Im guessing that would exclude about 80% of Pa's police depts. Most are employed part timers or per...
  2. stano0098

    What was the "IT" moment that got you involved with CounterMeasures?

    My father used to have a Uniden RD9 he used on a trip to from Pennsylvania to Iowa back when I was in high school over 10 years ago. Knowing what I know now I wish I could have seen him with a newer RD then that. But seeing how that alerted to a trooper hiding in the woods before you can see him...
  3. stano0098

    Post your Known PA Speed traps Here

    I-81 north bound around the 163 ish mile marker the usual sit around the curve. Here is an old video but they still use it to this day.
  4. stano0098

    PA State Police now *possibly* doing rolling radar

    Not 100% but I believe the green arrow is pointing to video play back screen for the dash cam. On occasion I leave my Bushnell on during trips down 476. :coffee2:
  5. stano0098

    Local PA Police use of Radar

    I wonder if it will actually pass. I'm tired of the wait!
  6. stano0098

    Pa - Operation Yellow Jacket

    Be advised...
  7. stano0098

    Local PA Police use of Radar

    Heard about this today on the news and decided to dust the cobwebs off my username.
  8. stano0098

    PA- Losing License Plate Stickers

    Just informing Pennsylvanians that some local PD dept. will be purchasing these plate readers. They look similar but are not Radar units.
  9. stano0098

    Ka-band in PA?

    Ka is used in PA. But its like finding a unicorn.
  10. stano0098

    Techs at the dealership talking about my dash cam

    I always left mine running in my old car to see what the Chevy dealership actually does with my car. Mostly because I had a service where I told them to rotate and align my tires and it never was done but was charged for it.
  11. stano0098

    Local PA Police use of Radar

    Looks like more locals have radar already but just cant use it to write tickets. But whats to say they use radar to give warnings?
  12. stano0098

    Nervous About Using Lidar In Public....

    I only played with radar guns with traffic. Just follow what was said before me. Stay out of traffic and off private property. I don't care if people see me with a radar gun. It's funny to see the look on peoples faces when you catch them speeding and they see the radar gun.
  13. stano0098

    (pics) The wife's new ride: 2004 Hyundai Elantra

    It needs tint.. I cant live without tint.
  14. stano0098

    PSP Summer Enforcement

    Around my area waze does come in handy but id say about 70% of marked cop locations are old and aren't true because PSP likes to jump from place to place on the highway I travel the most. This is from my experience. On longer trips I take them more seriously. So my thoughts is if I'm running...
  15. stano0098

    PSP Summer Enforcement

    Neighbor of mine owns a Black 72' Chevelle and decided to take it for a spin one morning during the week. Same time as the local LEo's were drawing on the road with their white paint.. Now my neighbor is getting a complimentary car wash and maybe a new paint job.
  16. stano0098

    Finally saw some jammers in SWPA!

    Walking along south street in Philly a couple of years ago there was a nice red and black Camaro ss with Pa plates and a LI set up. That's the only one I noted with Pa plates in 5 plus years looking. lol
  17. stano0098

    College Park MD Traffic New Traffic Cameras Location

    I'm glad I don't drive around there anymore. Those things are nothing more than to make money. Period.
  18. stano0098

    PSP Summer Enforcement

    It been steady with PSP around the 81-80 interchange. Haven't noticed anything noteworthy about the patrols. But I have notice the increase in the amount of new ford taurus out. Only a handful of unmarked but they are easily spottable with all the antennas. And as far as Ka band.. nothing...
  19. stano0098

    Waze Users - anyone even bother or care about points?

    Don't care about the Waze points too much. As long as I get informed about the speed trap ahead that's all I'm worried about.