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  1. Doctor

    Priority Alert Display?

    I think that I understand the Alert Table, as being the narrow horizontal displays that come up stacked telling you band, frequency, etc, but when there's police being reported ahead a large red box comes up telling me so. What is that called, and can I shut it off, or limit it's time on the...
  2. Doctor

    Edit Lockout Circle Diameter?

    In the past I was able to go into the log/alert map, and edit an alert circle diameter, but can't seem to find that setting any more. If I either click on the alert "arrow" itself, or check the box to show circles, there's no menu that I can find. Am I just an idiot, or has something changed?
  3. Doctor

    Alert Table Abbreviations?

    When I get alerts, there's a letter abbreviation on all of them. The ones I've seen so far are: V,T,A,M,S,R, and some of them may change with time. I'm know that they have a meaning, but can't seem to what they are. Any help?
  4. Doctor

    Question on JBV1 Logic Modes

    Could someone please point me to where the setting is in JBV1 to set the speeds to change from Logic, to Advanced Logic modes? For the life of me, I know that the settings are there, and searching JBV1 doesn't have anything show up when I search it for "logic"...
  5. Doctor

    JBV1 Just Updated to 2.5.2!

    Just what it says. I haven't gotten into it yet, but here's the changes: * Options to control alert screen button icon visibility (Display>Buttons) * Voice Control * Option to turn V1 display on in sensor mode when proximity sensor is covered. Thanks for all you do johnboy00!
  6. Doctor

    Dark Theme?

    I'm running JBV1 2.3.4, and of course loving it, but I can't seem to figure out why when I'm on "Dark Theme" it's stuck on the arrow always pointing North, and no auto zoom no matter which way my device is oriented? FWIW, I'm almost always using my device in Landscape mode, but it works...
  7. Doctor

    JBV1 & V1G2 Can't Get Lockouts To Work Correctly?

    Ok, kinda new here so go easy... I've been using JBV1 with my V1-G2 for the past several weeks now, and have managed to figure out most all of the settings, and have them configured to my liking. I have many lockout that either JBV1 has automatically set, and others that I have. The problem...
  8. Doctor


    I've been a member here for a while now off and on depending on the new detector I currently own. Every time I come back to these forums I need to re-learn/learn all the abbreviations. ITB/OTB, LEO, IO,CO, etc. Is there a Radar/Laser database somewhere that I could access to let me know what...
  9. Doctor

    Hello World!

    Great forums that I've been reading for a while. I just got a V1-G2 and love it. Al lot to learn about the JBV1 software though! Doc