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  1. Jon at Radenso

    Theia RF Architecture

    I am sure @Randy at Radenso will yell at me tomorrow for showing this, but I'm bored and this might be fun: Whoever gives the best and most detailed explanation of what's going on here gets a free Radenso hat and t-shirt (if we have a shirt left in your size, don't hold me to that since I'm...
  2. Jon at Radenso

    Radenso Officially Announces GPS Auto-Lockouts

    Radenso Radar officially announces GPS auto-lockouts on all products, even those totally incapable of doing so on a hardware level. The way it works is that when a false alert is detected, you manually press a button and it automatically locks out the false alert. "I'm excited to bring a brand...
  3. Jon at Radenso

    What DSP questions do you guys have?

    I'm trying to plan future educational content, and I think one area that is lacking is good explanations of what DSP is and the benefits it provides. What DSP questions do you guys have that you would like to have answered by a DSP engineer? What have you always wondered about, have been...
  4. Jon at Radenso

    Artificial Intelligence

  5. Jon at Radenso

    Uniden R3 RF and DSP Board Pics

    Since I'm at the microscope today, why not take a look at these too. Damn, these are some good looking boards. Check out the dense routing on the DSP board, that's not an easy board to design. Assembly is on-point too.
  6. Jon at Radenso

    V1 RF Board Pics

    Here are some pics of the RF board under our Amscope. This is the earlier revision, I no longer have the newest revision.
  7. Jon at Radenso

    V1 Internal Revision Pictures

    Took apart a dead V1 (Rev C) and compared it with our still working V1 (Rev F) and was pretty surprised to find that the dead motherboard was built over a year ago, and the amount of differences between them. There are also differences in the RF boards between the two. Figured you guys would...
  8. Jon at Radenso

    Looking for a dead V1G2 - will repair or offer $500 Radenso Gift Card

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a dead V1G2 that I can have our engineers look at it as part of our QC process. We want to see what went wrong to make sure we don't have the same issue in the future. For compensation, I can offer two things: 1. We can fix your V1G2 and return it to you and provide...
  9. Jon at Radenso

    Please submit questions for our Friday video!

    Hi everyone, With the shutdown in place and just a crazy week in general, I thought it would be good to do a more casual video this Friday (not sure if it will be livestreamed or recorded yet). Something like a Reddit AMA style video might be interesting to talk about Radenso, business, our...
  10. Jon at Radenso

    Radenso COVID-19 Update

    Dear Friends, We wanted to let you know that Radenso has made changes to our normal procedures to ensure the safety of our employees and comply with Ohio Governor DeWine’s order to reduce to “Minimum Basic Operations." Radenso support, sales, engineering, and management are working from home...
  11. Jon at Radenso

    What would you guys like to see in a video about Spectres and VG2?

    I am going to have one of our engineers do a video with me about Spectres and VG2. I feel there is a lot of misinformation about them and it will be good to put our lab to use. We have a VG2, a Spectre Elite, and a Spectre 3. I am planning on: 1. Interior pics 2. Using a signal generator...
  12. Jon at Radenso

    Happy New Year

    I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone here a happy new year. From the bottom of our hearts, the Radenso team thanks you for your support and participation throughout 2019. This year was one of growth and change for us, and we have benefitted greatly from your questions...
  13. Jon at Radenso

    The Radenso Escort discussion thread

    Hi guys, At SEMA Escort posted on their forum that they use Artificial Intelligence. Obviously, that's not true. I contacted C level management at Escort and requested them to pull it down, and they instructed the post to be removed. This upset @EscortRadar, so he contacted the...
  14. Jon at Radenso

    What does a Bushnell gun look like? Bushnell vs. Stalker vs. Cadillac BSM

    I thought this might be useful information for members of the community to have. Ignore the frequency scale since I did not recalibrate it for each recording. Bushnell Stalker Cadillac BSM
  15. Jon at Radenso

    Have you met her?

    I would like to introduce you to someone very special. Rai will be a big part of our brand going forward. Please note that this is not the name of our next detector.
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    Was sitting here reflecting on our hobby, and thought it would be fun to raise a glass to a few of the detectors that have been "game changers" or historically significant.