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  1. Brainstorm69

    Can anyone identify this K-band emitter?

    So the next city over has some sort of K-band emitter at every stoplight (it appears anyway). The R series alerts to it either as K-band if MRCD is off, or as MRCD if MRCD is on. My recollection is that neither the V1G2 nor the RL360c alert to it at all. Picture is below. I assume it's for...
  2. Brainstorm69

    Help Identifying Device on Local Police Car

    So today I saw a local LEO with a curious device mounted on top of his patrol car that I've never around here seen before. Wondering if it might be some kind of ALPR. Unfortunately, the pics are kinda crappy. Thoughts?
  3. Brainstorm69

    My Valentine 1 Warranty Experience

    As many of you know, I have thought my V1G2's front laser sensor has not been working since I bought it. This was based on the V1G2's rear sensor detecting my laser tester from any distance I shot it from, including very close range, but my front sensor not doing the same. So I was closing in...
  4. Brainstorm69

    TXCTG – Testing V1G2 and R7 Rear Antennas Facing Forward – Ka 34.7 Van Alstyne – 11-08-2020

    INTRO So as you may have seen in this post (, I have a couple of radar mounts that I can use to turn the V1G2 and R7 backwards to test their rear horns moving towards the radar source rather than away from it. So I had a couple of hours last weekend when...
  5. Brainstorm69

    Latest Toy

    My latest toy courtesy of @OBeerWANKenobi. :)
  6. Brainstorm69

    Mount for Testing R7 and V1G2 rear antennas

    Just a little teaser pic. Shout-out to @rvacs for sending these mounts to me many moons ago!
  7. Brainstorm69

    R1/R3 FW 1.54 is on Uniden's support site

    Haven't seen it mentioned. Small update. Here:
  8. Brainstorm69

    TXCTG - V1G2 v R7 v Ka 34.7, 35.5 and 33.8 off-axis and through foliage 10-11-2020

    INTRO So I had a little bit of time to do some Ka testing yesterday. I wanted to do some off-axis testing of the V1G2 and the R7, given folks' continued raves regarding the V1G2's off-axis Ka abilities. I used the wife's minivan as a radar car. I used the same course I used for the Falcon HR...
  9. Brainstorm69

    Redline 360c FCC Internal Pictures

    Are finally up.
  10. Brainstorm69

    TXCTG – Testing the new Redline 360c – Low-Powered K, Ka 35.5, 34.7, and 33.8 - Waco Pioneer Pkwy 07-25-2020

    INTRO @Vortex recently sent me his Redline 360c (thanks!) so TXCTG could do some testing with it down in Waco. So @Jag42 and I met up in Waco yesterday to put put it through its paces for a comparison to both the V1G2 and the Uniden R7. As is always the case, we had a limited amount of time...
  11. Brainstorm69

    Do you currently own one or more Redline 360c detectors?

    I'm curious about how many on the forum currently have one or more RL360c's.
  12. Brainstorm69

    Did anyone from RDF win the free Redline 360c for attending yesterday's event?

    I'm assuming no, or someone would have said so, but just throwing this out there. I haven't received any email telling me I'd won. Too
  13. Brainstorm69

    TXCTG - V1G2 v R7 v Falcon HR Low-powered K off-axis and through foliage 05-31-2020

    INTRO So while I still have @InsipidMonkey's Falcon HR, I decided to do some more testing of the V1G2 vs. R7 while I had some time yesterday afternoon. I used the wife's minvan as a radar minivan so I could make sure his gun was safely locked away. I wanted to test K in A Mode on the V1G2 vs...
  14. Brainstorm69

    V1G2 FW 4.1019

    Does anyone know what the change from 4.1018 was? Just curious. I tried calling VR about a half hour ago to ask, but the girl who answered the phone said this was the first she had heard of newer fw than was shipped with earlier units. She tried to find someone to answer the question, but when...
  15. Brainstorm69

    TXCTG – V1G2 vs R7 Ka 34.7 and K-band - Van Alstyne – 05-02-2020

    INTRO So given that Texas has “re-opened,” I decided to do some more testing of the V1G2 vs. R7 while I had some time yesterday afternoon. When I do testing by myself, I pretty much have to use my two battery-powered handheld units to minimize the likelihood of someone walking off with my...
  16. Brainstorm69

    V1 Gen 2 vs. R7 - Comparison of Vortex Red Barn Results vs. TXCTG Waco Pioneer Results

    INTRO Since I was kinda bored this afternoon, I decided to do a little comparison between @Vortex's testing results vs TXCTG testing results focusing on just the V1 Gen 2 vs. R7. Now of course, these are different courses, but what I decided to do was do a comparison based on percentage of the...
  17. Brainstorm69

    Does VR still have a 30 days no questions asked return policy?

    Not that I'm planning on returning mine (I'm not, although it does need the front laser sensor fixed once all this CV stuff is over with), but I tried searching the new website, and couldn't find anything on the topic. Is there something somewhere I'm just missing? If so, anyone have a link...
  18. Brainstorm69

    Have you purchased a new V1 Gen2?

    It seems like lots of members have. Just curious as to the number. I've started with my yes.
  19. Brainstorm69

    Running the V1G2 with K-verifier Off (by accident)

    I was doing some bench testing last night and had turned K-verifier off. It turns out I forgot to turn it back on when I was done. I can tell you, K-verifier is doing quite a bit of filtering. In case anyone was thinking about turning it off, while maybe you could get away with it in the...
  20. Brainstorm69

    TXCTG – Testing the new V1 Gen 2 – Ka 34.7, 35.5, 33.8 and Low-Powered K - Waco Pioneer Pkwy 03-08-2020

    INTRO Well, if you are like everyone else here at RDF (TXCTG included), you’re more than ready to see some testing results for the new V1 Gen 2, unofficially released by Valentine Research last week. Most members have had them in their hands for only a few short days. @Jag42 and I met up in...