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  1. YelloEye

    R7 on Blendmount in convertible

    So kinda a unique issue for those of us with convertibles is theft, or rather ease of theft. Normally if the weather is nice and I'm not going to be parked for 8hrs, I'll leave the top down. Longer than that it's up, but isn't made of a particularly burglar proof material. This leads to anything...
  2. YelloEye

    Unknown laser heads

    Saw these on a DBS at work today and didn't recognize the heads. What system is this?
  3. YelloEye

    Seattle to Medford

    I'll be driving from the Seattle area to Medford and back this weekend. Please don't shoot my Cobra ;)
  4. YelloEye

    Hello from the PNW.

    I own a Cobalt SS and have been looking into getting a new setup for both radar and laser. My current unit is a Cobra XRS 9530, which from reading around a little you guys dislike Cobras quite a bit It works ok, for sure comes up short on more than a few encounters but others it shines with...