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  1. Shanetrain

    Chinese Android 5.1 Car Headunits for ALPconnect - DONT BUY!!!!

    DON'T BUY!!! THEY DON'T WORK WITH ALPconnect Myself and others have made this mistake These headunits will not support ALPconnect at this stage, the manufacturer has zero intentions of fixing it. The problem is the Bluetooth, the app will load but it is unable to connect or use the Bluetooth...
  2. Shanetrain

    Stinger VIP Unboxing

    Sitinger VIP So my stinger unit arrived today, so I...
  3. Shanetrain

    Has anyone been hit by DALA in Australia yet??

    Just curious if anyone has been hit by one yet in Australia. The distributor is in Queensland and I know that demo units have been lent out. And Victoria has approved it for use.
  4. Shanetrain

    Flashing Your Headlights For Leos

    Just wondering if anyone has ever been fined for flashing there lights to warn people of a coming Leo or speed trap? I personally do it all the time, I like to help other non RD user & love announcing it over the UHF, helping reduce there daily ticket quota :-) The only 2 things I can find...
  5. Shanetrain

    Xbox one kinect triggesr V1 laser

    Hahaha the new kinect triggers laser alarms on the V1, Redline wont do
  6. Shanetrain

    overseas purchase for ALP

    Not too sure what just happened, as the website let me have it and make payment. [email protected] This email is a notification that your order has been cancelled. Please contact us if you have any questions about your order. Order Date: 11/15/2013 Comments: Item...
  7. Shanetrain

    9500ci M3 teardown pics

    Though I would pull apart my 9500ci horn to see how it compared to Redline M3, so i decided to share some pics
  8. Shanetrain

    Escort smart cord plug - can it be converted to work with 9500ci

    Hi all Is it possible to convert the rj12 plug for my Smartcord over to a rj11 so it works with my 9500ci?.
  9. Shanetrain

    Anyone using waze in Aus yet

    Thought about using It, wondering if it is monitored by you know who, I Don't want to be posting up my location if I'm the only one using it.
  10. Shanetrain

    ZR4 With what look to be Veil paint on the lens, another ebay buy

    Thought I would get my forgotten ZR4's out of the box that come with my 9500ci that I bought off Ebay, all I can see is that the lenses have been painted in something & it looks like veil paint. Really not sure if this is a joke? I dont use them or have them connected but wtf, Is this the new...
  11. Shanetrain

    So Is Escort Going To Add Another Solution To WA Problem With New Product

    Someone has already mention it was blinder based :D
  12. Shanetrain

    2x 905 Quads on front of car, would they clash

    I have a second quad system arriving soon, so running 2 CPU with a total of 8 heads front would that create problems? Overkill I know :)
  13. Shanetrain

    Countermeasure groups with in aus?

    Just wondering if there is any groups out of like minded people who like testing there systems out?
  14. Shanetrain

    Escort Detector Tools Has killed my 9500ci

    Hi All, Anyone had there 9500ci not boot after failed update with the latest version 1.11.6? -Detector Tools was working at the time with drivers installed running in admin under win8 -It ask me to power off hold the mute & power button and power on -It get too Updating 2/2 and just hangs...
  15. Shanetrain

    ALP With A 9500ci Antenna

    I noticed that the ALP will work soon with the Sti-r antenna, any chance this will work with the 9500ci antenna. I know both are based on the M3 design but surely there is not too much difference to make it work?
  16. Shanetrain

    Anyone Got a Stinger DSI???

    Just reading up on this unit, patch antenna/spectrum analyzer sounds interesting. Noticed has them for sale, cant imagine they would be cheap.
  17. Shanetrain

    LI USA Website Selling V1 & Accept AUS address

    Found LI are selling V1 for the same price as listed on V1 official site, Prob add a bit of currency conversion and some shipping, but I'm sure it would come out cheaper than some of our local seller, Possibly??? It has a drop down for Australia in buying, anyone bought from here. Surly a few WA...
  18. Shanetrain

    Ultralyte LR for sale in Victoria on ebay.

    Looks like someone is getting rid of a ultralyte on eBay but its in kph. Looks like its out of Melbourne but the seller has no feedback. I only post here as its kinda Australia related. This is really strange to see this item as they don't usually sell these kinda things of to the general public...
  19. Shanetrain

    Why you no run KA band in SA

    Anyone traveled back in time 10years and visited SA, K band seems to be very popular, only twice have I had a confirmed KA since running rd's. We just must get every other states second hand equipment? Ill be retired before I see a Multanova radar
  20. Shanetrain

    In Your Opinion, List Your Best Windscreen RD In Straya? And why

    Hi All, Just thought I would get some opinions on the Rd you run in Australia Mine is 1- Redline - because its so darn fast at detecting threats 2- Valentine - Long range, I like the arrows, generally get used when interstate 3- Bel Sti - I trust this unit to do its job, so much so I...