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  1. stano0098

    Pa - Operation Yellow Jacket

    Be advised...
  2. stano0098

    PA- Losing License Plate Stickers

    Just informing Pennsylvanians that some local PD dept. will be purchasing these plate readers. They look similar but are not Radar units.
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    Escort 9500i M4 internals

    Bored again...:D
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    Escort 8500 S7 internals

  5. stano0098

    Testing mounting locations of the V1

    This is just a theory I wanted to test out for some time. I still want to try K-band and 35.5ka to see if the same results happen. I did not have any measuring equipment to determine the degrees off axis the detector was facing. This might be something I'm will to do further and more...
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    Plasti Dip

    Thanks to a video that was posted on Ari's Fb I found something that makes my car look cool. I did a few emblems on my Impala today. I might post pics tomorrow. But did anyone know about this stuff and used it and didn't tell me? :p I'm thinking of coating my antennas with this stuff as well...
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    Fuel injector cleaners?

    Anyone use them? Which one works? Just curious...
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    Maryland could kiss my [email protected]$. :D
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    StiR + did something weird

    Well last night I turned it on like normal and drove home but before I got home I stop at the gas station to get gas and turned my car off. The StiR+ is wired right to my fuses box which leads straight from the battery. I fogot to turn it off with the car. And when I started my car something...
  10. stano0098

    StiR Plus w/ RDR On/Off & V1 vs. 35.5Ka

    StiR Plus: 2,5,8 RDR On V1: Ka Guard Off StiR Plus: 2,5,8 RDR Off V1: Ka Guard Off Placement of the StiR antenna: images/imgimported/2011/08/271.jpg
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    StiR Plus & V1 vs. Forward Facing Ka35.5

    Stir Plus: 2,5,8 RDR OFF V1: Ka Guard Off
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    StiR Plus & V1 vs. K-Band
  13. stano0098

    StiR Plus & 8500 vs. K-Band
  14. stano0098

    Escort 8500 vs. 35.5 Ka
  15. stano0098

    Stir Plus & V1 vs. 35.5 Ka & K Band

    This is an "unofficial" test with the Stir Plus and V1. I still havent programed the StiR plus with KaSW off so in the videos KaSW is on and Ka guard is off on the V1. And a special thanks to Crestwood1001 for his assistance with these test as you can see the Jeep in all the videos. First...
  16. stano0098

    Smoked tail and head lights help.

    I'm thinking about tinting my tail and possibly head lights. Anyone here have it done? And does it have the same effect as veil?
  17. stano0098

    V1 3.872 vs 34.7 Ka /w Ka Guard On vs. Ka Guard Off

    A test I did with Ka Guard On vs. Ka Guard Off on 34.7 Ka. X-Band was off. all other bands on.
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    PSP using Dodge Chargers?

    Anyone have pics of PSP Chargers?
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    V6-V8 Detectors?

    Anyone know how well they preform? I never heard of them. And there isn't much of them on youtube.
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    Ka Guard On or Off?

    On or Off and why? Which is better for max sensitivity?