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  1. CarefulDriver

    MRCD/MRCT frequency statistics

    So, I'm trying to gather some statistics about most common MRCD/CT operating frequencies in order to find out how bad thing is that R1/R3 hardware limit at 24.050. What is the most common MRCD frequency you have seen and confirmed that it's not false?
  2. CarefulDriver

    Do you trust R1/R3 MRCD detection?

    I'm talking about 1.46 firmware users. Do you trust your R1/R3 MRCD detection performance on your daily drive? How bad thing is that infamous hardware limit? Is the range longer than MRCD reading range? I have not yet had chance to test but maybe I should be grateful for that :)
  3. CarefulDriver

    Experience with PhotoBlocker plate cover?

    PhotoBlocker guarantees that their plate cover can block any red light or speed cam from taking photo. Do you have personal experience with it? Is it visually detectable? MRCD and Gatso are used where I live.
  4. CarefulDriver

    Need for K-band segmentation!

    This would surely be a best possible solution against K-band false alerts, right? More segments the better. This would allow us to turn off all unwanted frequencies.
  5. CarefulDriver

    How common is gatso in mobile?

    Gatso RT4 has just landed here in Finland. It is used in speed cams, and since they are not moving, they are not a problem at all. We use GPS-based protection against them. My Uniden R1 has performed very well here, but my fear is that one day gatso goes mobile in Finland too and will be used...
  6. CarefulDriver

    What can cause MRCD false alerts?

    These alerts are fairly rare, but sometimes, when driving in major cities I get instantly full power MRCD alert, which lasts about 10-20 seconds, and I'm not sure is it false at all. I'm running R1 (1.46).
  7. CarefulDriver

    Do anti-photo paints actually work?

    Photo-radar systems like MRCD and gatso RT4 cover most part of speed enforcement here. Is it actually possible to make license plates photo-immune with absorbing paint? As far as I know, these systems use both infrared light and flash. Thanks.
  8. CarefulDriver

    World record broken: €120K ticket

    Two weeks ago, NHL player was fined €120,680 for driving 81km/h in 40km/h zone, here, in Finland. Okay, this was real speeding, but still...
  9. CarefulDriver

    R1 vs Gatso RT4

    Gatso RT4, known here as gatso sensys sss, is used in non-moving speed cams. My phone app is enough to protect me from them, but it would still be nice to detect which ones of them are active. Their reading range is up to 150 meters. I know that Uniden does not support gatso as it is not...
  10. CarefulDriver

    Laser Scatter Detection

    Vortex said that radar detectors are useless against laser because alert comes too late. This is probably true, but I have heard that detectors are able to detect lasers when they are used on cars in front of you. Is this true and do you have some time to slow down?
  11. CarefulDriver

    Why Max360 leaks?

    Escort's pride is their TotalShield technology, which allows them to make total stealth detectors, like Redline EX. Is there a reason why such an expensive detector like Max360 does not have this protection? Thanks
  12. CarefulDriver

    Uniden R1 Ka Wide or Narrow?

    These are Ka-band radars used here: 34.36 Multanova 6F 34,7 Stalker DSR 2X, Dual DSR, II MDR (very common here) 35.5 Stalker ATR Should I use Ka Wide or Narrow against these threats? What is difference between these two options? Thanks in advance.
  13. CarefulDriver

    Uniden R1 MRCD/MRCT detection when K band is disabled

    So I have Uniden R1 with firmware 1.46, where I live police uses a lot of MRCD/MRCT radars, but not other K band radars, and I get lot of false K band alerts from automatic doors and other cars, so I'm thinking of turning off K band. I'm wondering does that affect my detector's ability to detect...