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  1. TonyJag

    Quick Mount for V1gen2 in Tesla Model 3

    INTRODUCTION. Working on a quick mount and wired power connection for a new V1gen2 in my 2020 Tesla Model 3 Performance, I have been taking pictures and will post the rest of the story, once it is done and working properly, with lessons learned. In order to power the V1gen2 optimally-mounted...
  2. TonyJag

    New User Seeking JBV1 Info

    Valentine finally re-started the UPGRADE program, so I sent them my old V1 gen1. The new V1 gen2 is not here yet, so I have been getting familiar with JBV1 V2.6.2 in Stand Alone mode. The first thing I noticed is that the S10+ phone, mounted above, left, and parallel with the Tesla 15” display...
  3. TonyJag


    Hi I am new to this forum, but I am a long time V1 user and gear head dating back to the 60s. Key rides include 56 Ford, 57 Chevy, 61 Corvette, 65 Corv8 (corvair with Corvette V8 mid ship) , Fiat 128SL, Honda Accord, 3 Saab 9000s and a 9-5, 90 Acura Integra and 2002 RSX type S, 2015 Volvo XC60...