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    The Genesis GV80 seems like it will be a good CPO deal in a few years

    I’m no H/K fan. In fact, I’ve argued in the past they are overrated with subpar chassis engineering. But the new RWD based GV has caught my attention. I won’t lie and say the fact that Tiger surviving an 80mph impact in it didn’t pique my interest. Anyone thinking this will make one fine CPO...
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    Any issues with JBV1 and android 12 beta/DP?

    I’m trying to address an odd charging issue with my pixel and I want to see if android 12 fixes it (some say it does). But, has there been any testing yet with JBV1 and android 12 DP yet?
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    Solutions for pixel phone that overheats in the car?

    I know it’s not directly related to JBV1 but it is my dedicated JBV1 phone. In south texas, temps are already in the mid 90s. Consequently, my pixel 3xl which stays in the car 24/7 will experience boot loops when the temperature it too hot. When it cools down a bit after the A/C is running, it...
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    JBV1 won’t connect

    One thing I’ve noted (even before the latest version) is sometimes, usually while the phone is on and connected and the v1 is shut off but then turned on again, JBV1 won’t connect no matter what I do. It won’t manually connect by hitting connect. Even after killing the app and opening it again...
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    R7 auto memory for KA alert?

    Driving today in my wife’s car the R7 w 1.35 muted a KA alert and I believe it said “auto mem”. I don’t think I have ever manually muted or locked out a KA alert before. Any idea what’s going on?
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    JBV1 shows v1 muted for KA alert?

    Just tonight I notice JBV1 muted a KA alert. I checked and I don’t see anything in my settings that allows for KA auto muting. Have I locked this out for some reason? What can I check to make sure this doesn’t happen again?
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    Solution to vibration when mounted in a blendmount?

    I have my G2 mounted in a blendmount. While the blendmount is very secure, the connection between the G2 to the blendmount is not. I drive a corvette so the ride is a bit harsh and the G2 mount makes an annoying vibration/squeak noise. There is definitely some play in how the mount attaches to...
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    R7 w/ 1.35 has unusable arrows

    I can’t seem to rely upon them at all anymore. They seem confused as to the source most of the time and when they do get it right, they almost always either fail to change direction when passing or change so comically late it lacks any real use as a situational awareness tool. Anyone else...
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    Guide for 1.35 settings for ultimate quietest ride?

    anyone have a guide or recommended settings for 1.35? I am looking to set it up for my wife and looking for settings that achieve the quietest ride. Obviously the auto lockouts will help, but I am also confused as to the other settings needed to achieve the ultimate unobtrusive ride for her...
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    Any reason to keep a V1G1 when I have a R7 and G2?

    My wife’s car runs an old G1 in a blendmount. I’m thinking of swapping it out with my R7 which I save as a “travel detector.” With 1.35 I’m also thinking it will be quieter and more functional. Any thoughts?
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    Any new tech/products coming from ALP/TMG in the next year?

    I’m currently in an area of texas that doesn’t use LIDAR but that will likely change in the next 12-18 months. I’m curious if we expect to receive major upgrades to laser jamming tech in that time period? I’m new to laser tech (my experience is only in radar) and I haven’t followed the tech...
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    When is the next VR firmware update?

    Anyone know approx when we can expect a firmware update to address the BSM issues?
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    How much in advance of sale will we see testing results for Theia?

    Assuming Theia goes on sale by the end of the year (seems like a big if now), how much in advance will we see testing results? With only 4 months left in the year it seems we would start seeing results in the next month or so, right?
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    Recommended 120V to 12V converter for home use

    I want to power on my R7 at home and play with the settings rather than sit in my car. Any recommendations for a home converter that won’t blow up my RD?
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    where are people finding the best deals on used R7s?

    Ebay seems pricey for refurbished units w/ sketchy background historys and none for sale in RDF's classifieds. Anywhere else? I missed the boat last month when there was a glut of them selling as cheap as $320 shipped.
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    My new G2 stopped powering on after only using it twice

    What should I do? Is this a wide spread issue? I tried hardwire and 12v cig and it flashes for a second and then goes dark. I verified power is good. Is VR open now to accept returns?
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    Pixel 2xl auto start w/ android auto and G2

    Hi, I have my Pixel 2XL permanently connected via usb to my car's android auto. My V1G2 is hardwired and starts when car starts. What settings do I need to use for the phone and for JBV1 so that when the car starts, the phone (1) automatically unlocks/turns on, and (2) JBV1 launches and...
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    Any benefit to running JBV1 on a tablet (w/ hardware gps) rather than phone?

    Can get a high end user tab S4 for the same price as a nice android phone. Does the bigger screen help with jbv1?
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    corvette c7 phone/tablet mount?

    Anyone have pictures of their phone mount setup in their C7? I'm looking for a sturdy, permanent mount point and want to see what others have done. Thanks!
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    Android auto or connect through aux for audio alerts

    Hi, I have a C7 corvette that has android auto. I plan to buy a pixel 2 xl to mount in the car to run jbv1. I want the jbv1 audio alerts to interrupt my xm radio. What would be the best way to connect the Pixel 2 phone? A direct audio cable from headphone jack of phone to aux in on car? Or...