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    Is VR planning to address the K-band reactivity problem?

    Hmm. I wonder what “other” company that is.
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    New Upgrade Now Up

    Sounds like VR has more work to do. Disappointing after all these months this is what they release.
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    New Upgrade Now Up

    So, what’s the consensus on what this update does? I’m a bit confused.
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    Introducing Radenso Theia powered by Rai (Video Links and FAQ on first page)

    As Token had indicated in another thread, wouldn’t you have ordered these back in the August/September 2020 time period in order to secure the chips in time for a release at the end of 2020? If so, wouldn’t that put you within a few months of receiving them?
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    Sorry Theia and Dear Uniden

    What good would a review be without showing you the thing he is reviewing? Of course it’s mounted.
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    Sorry Theia and Dear Uniden

    I actually turned off the audio frequency alerts since I don’t really use that information. With the amount of out of tune/spec guns in my area I find frequencies to be less than useful and borderline useless.
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    Sorry Theia and Dear Uniden

    To be fair, if you are old school, what more do you need than an arrow showing KA ahead?
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    The Drive reviews the R7

    They’re awful. It seems all the articles are written by a bunch of millennial journalists who have no interest or knowledge about cars. Gone are the days of enthusiasts who spent tons of time researching the item they are reviewing before posting an article. 1619884802 Also, did you guys read...
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    Sorry Theia and Dear Uniden

    Go buy a phone :) But seriously, it’s fine without an app. The filtering make speed based muting not entirely necessary.
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    This app is Driving Me NUTS!

    It's probably your phone. Check the display settings.
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    Any updates on supply chain

    The price went down because a third party seller decided to drop the price and Amazon followed suit. I’m not sure that was supply related. I’m fact you can see the R7 suffers from huge price fluctuations even pre-covid. Not EVERYTHING is part shortage related...
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    Any updates on supply chain

    Why wouldn’t they have continuously been placing orders so that they are not out of stock? It’s not like they just decided today to start buying components.
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    1st Foray w/JBV1

    It can be overwhelming at first. It took me months to get a good feel for it and I am still mesmerized by all the features. I will say don’t feel obligated to mess with the default settings. It’s setup pretty good from the get go. I think the only settings I changed had to do with those related...
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    $100 to Spend on a Standalone Android: Best Performer?

    Try here Scroll down. You should see a 500mb plan.
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    Understanding R7 auto-lockouts

    I’m not completely up to speed on the timing of Uniden firmware updates. How long do we expect Uniden to take to release an update to 1.35? What’s the average amount of time between firmware updates in the past?
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    I'd recognize this M3 anywhere...

    Very insightful! Thank you. That’s actually not that bad. I could see owning one as a project car but I’m too risk averse to DD one. I’ve been hooked ever since I saw that famous top gear episode.
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    I'd recognize this M3 anywhere...

    Wow. I’ve never known anyone that owned the v10 M5. I have read the horror stories but was never clear if it was design issues or lack of maintenance. What sorta maintenance (besides oil changes do these need)?
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    JBV1 Wow! Just Wow!

    Amazing! Theia can’t get here soon enough!
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    I'd recognize this M3 anywhere...

    No doubt I love a good engine sound as I own a C7. It just seems like there are better options out there than the M3 for the same money that don’t grenade themselves in relatively few miles. I guess that’s why BMW moved towards the turbo six. It also means I would never buy one for that reason.