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    Wazer with a sense of humor?

    Not sure if it was a Wazer with a sense of humor, or an accidental “Mark” Today I get an alert that says “ animal on road ahead” and when I get close there was a broken down Ram pickup on the side of the road. I was Lmao Especially since I’m a Ford guy. Anyone else ever see any strange alerts?
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    So the other day I started noticing that the vehicle speed being displayed on my WAZE app is way off. Sometimes by more than 10 or 15 mph too fast. I am a fairly new user to WAZE, but I have never noticed the speed being that far off before. I run it though CARPLAY so it shows up on my SYNC 3...
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    Re-Thinking a Blendmount for my R7

    You know I have been a really big fan of the Blendmounts, and have had one in each of my last 3 Trucks. I still have my Blendmount for the Escort Redline Original attached to my mirror and was patiently awaiting a new one for my R7....BUT....... I am really starting to like the single suction...
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    Are the Uniden Remote Mute/ Hardwire kits worth it?

    I searched a few posts and see where some people have used an escort remote mute/hard wire (which I already have one from my previous Redline) with limited functionality. I am reading a bunch of negative reviews on Amazon about the Uniden hard wire kit with mute. There is talk about broken...
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    Finally Able to Test R7 on First Road Trip

    So I was finally able to take an almost 500 mile mostly highway round trip with the new R7. For some background, my previous RD was a Redline Original which up until now I thought was the best thing ever. It had great range on these long Texas Highways and saved my bacon many times. It is only...
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    New to the Forum!!

    Just saying hello. New member to the forum here. I recently upgraded from an Escort X50 Blue (Silver) to my new Redline with a Smartcord Live for iPhone Just received the Redline Friday, activated the Live today.I'm working so haven't been able to take a long test drive yet, but the...