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  1. Einzel Wolf

    Uniden mute wiring question

    Is it possible to strip the add a fuse part of the wiring and replace the power/ground with mirror tap connections? Would I still have the led and mute button functionally by doing this?
  2. Einzel Wolf

    09 Volvo C30 laser placement

    Hello. Would these placements for a ALP or a TMG system be good? Green for the RX heads. Orange would be for a TX head and yellow would be a VPR head for the respective systems. May add rear later but with the whole C pillar being one big reflective area I would think it might a harder...
  3. Einzel Wolf

    New R3 user

    Stumbled upon Vortex's videos a little while back and been lurking till now. Never had a detector till now and felt I should change that with how spirited I drive at times. Figured the R3 is very potent even in 2020. I am looking to do laser jamming at some point on my 09 C30 T5. Not sure if I...