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  1. J

    Hi from New Zealand :)

    Can’t believe I didn’t see this, welcome mate! I have used the R3 and now have the R7. Can give you my proper thoughts and feelings on what I think of the 2 in a few days.
  2. J

    New R7 owner, New Zealand

    Hi, sorry been flat out and away from this. Now that I’m back in town, I’m looking at getting my R7 set up. Would appreciate the help 😁 1616028362 Sorry had been away so didn’t get a chance to reply. But I hope @Mithheru answer helped. I’m looking at getting my R7 set up and start using it...
  3. J

    Need some help for US model R7 use in NZ with NZ DATABASE

    Hello I also have the same issue. I had no problem with converting my r3 to NZ gps etc but I cannot seem to do it with my r7. I’ve heard you can do it $50 or something. Please let me know details. Cheers
  4. J

    New R7 owner, New Zealand

    Looking at getting my us version r7 to a NZ database and firmwire. Any help would be appreciated