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    RC-M owners' wishlist for the future

    I thought I'd start a new thread for this. I have an RC-M with ALP connected. I've been extremely happy with the setup but we can always improve, right? a few things that I wish we can have in the future: 1. scroll back button in the menu. Thank you for the extensive customization in the...
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    Hotspot suggestion

    Hey guys. I want to connect my Dashcam to live internet. I have a F/R dashcam hooked up to backup power battery that lasts about 20 hours. wanted to attach a hotspot to provide realtime connectivity. however, all of the hotspots that I looked at can not auto turn-on after it loses power. to...
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    When ALP is working...

    I've been using jammers for decades but it just occurred to me that I never actually thought about this. When a jammer is working, do LEOs know that their Lidar gun is being jammed? Other than their experience and suspicion, does the Lidar gun actually indicate that he is being jammed? Just curious.
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    K band falses with RC-M in Virginia

    I'm using RC-M with the latest f/w. Northern Virginia in DC metro area. also have linked up ALP with 6 heads (if that's relevant) settings left at Auto-Highway, K filter high, X off. tried both K narrow and K wide, but I'm getting a ton of K band falses every few miles all over the area. the...
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    not so sure about Blackvue DR750 LTE

    I've been tracking this thing for a good while, waiting for it to be available in US. Finally! It's available here. Understandably, no vendors carry it yet. the only place to buy it is from Blackvue directly. Their shipping was fast. came from Korea in three days. now the trouble...
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    Strange RC-M behavior

    I have RC-M + ALP installed in two of my vehicles. both running at HUB 25 / DISP 21. both are configured identically in settings. I have them set on "Power off when face plate is removed" as "ON". which I'm understanding as if I remove the face plate of RC-M, the unit will shutdown. I also...
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    Virginia considered SE on this forum?

    Looking to share information with fellow RD/Jammer users in Virginia
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    RC M recommended settings

    What are you guys with RC-M have your units configured with? I know the factory recommendation setting are from Manual, but I'm curious if you guys made any adjustments from using it daily. I got ALP on mine too and I'm running with MRCD Narrow since I get those in DC metro area now. thank you...
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    RC M + ALP question

    I don't want to post a duplicate, but I wanted to post a link on Radenso side as well. please see the ALP link below.
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    Radenso RC M + ALP: Firmware update for ALP?

    I'm running Radenso RC M, bridge connected to ALP with 6 heads. I understand the procedures for updating firmware for RC M. as well as ALP. when I update RC M firmware, I see the status on for that on the RC M display during the update. ALP f/w update does not show anything on RC M's screen...
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    Any reliable installers in Northern Virginia?

    Anybody know any good remote-radar + laser-jammer installer in Northern Virginia? I used to use Hurley's in Tysons, but lately they haven't been the same... Anyone had any experience anywhere?
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    Hello from Virginia. Nice to meet you all.