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  1. oversteer325

    RL360C, V1G2, R3 35.5 Ka Testing

    Thanks for testing! Interesting to see the back and forth in the different scenarios. Your forward facing results are amazing to see quantified. I know I’ve had FF encounters that made me worry my detectors were acting up but this goes to show what short distance you get with minimal reflections.
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    Greetings from N E Ohio

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Vintage Radar Detector Testing

    I haven’t seen that Cobra before! Looks pretty cool. You might want to retire the Escort Solo. I don’t know if you’ve seen any of the testing results but it might not alert in time for a save.
  4. oversteer325

    Uniden RLC DB update 04/06/2021

    In the menu on the detector, the last few pages show the current version of the Firmware and the DB.
  5. oversteer325

    Uniden R7- 1 month ownership review!

    Have you tried running with KA filter off? I keep it off on my R7 and R3 and have not had many KA falses. Maybe one leaky Cobra false every few months.
  6. oversteer325

    Hello from SLO, CA

    Welcome to the forum! I’ve had too many close calls to ever feel comfortable driving without a detector + waze. You’ve come to the right place to learn more about countermeasures!
  7. oversteer325

    Uniden RLC DB update 04/06/2021

    They can be applied individually. You just point the Uniden firmware installer program to the RLC DB file that you downloaded and extracted instead of the full firmware file.
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    Welcome to the forum! Let us know your thoughts on the V1G2 compared to your gen 1.
  9. oversteer325

    Introduce + needing contact with @Mithheru

    Welcome to the forum! You are on the right track for NZ specific updates.
  10. oversteer325

    Uniden RLC DB update 04/06/2021

    Looks like Uniden posted an updated RLC Speed Cam db on their site.
  11. oversteer325

    R7 Firmware 135 - TSF On/Off Observations

    R3’s on 1.50 firmware rarely false to Mazda’s.
  12. oversteer325

    New here

    Welcome to the forum!
  13. oversteer325

    R7 speed display issues

    Change to speed and compass and it won’t say mph.
  14. oversteer325

    R7 issues - Speed/RL inop, random alerts

    Were you using the same RLC database file when comparing 1.33 and 1.35?
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    Welcome to the forum! Nice anniversary gift!
  16. oversteer325

    Uniden R7 Auto Lockout Firmware V1.35

    FYI, I ran a checksum and it indicates that the file posted to the Uniden site and the file posted at the start of this thread are the exact same.
  17. oversteer325

    Uniden R7 suction cups - hate them

    Buy one of the eBay permanent mounts and use 3M dual lock tape or the VHB adhesive they come with. Then you never have to worry about it again.
  18. oversteer325

    1.53 firm so much falsing....switched to 1.50 firm

    I had an R3 on 1.50 and loved it, but I gave it to my dad last year. I recently picked up another R3 that came loaded with 1.54 and didn’t think it seemed that different, but maybe I’ll try 1.50 again.
  19. oversteer325

    R7 BSM Filtering Easter Egg! Mazda CX-5 Proof in Settings! Video Proof!

    So the international version has a k block that will completely block a strong alert at a frequency where leo radar could be centered. No thanks.
  20. oversteer325

    Uniden R7 Auto Lockout Firmware V1.35

    I’ve upped my rear balance to 100% to see if it helps with the arrow transition. So far it seems to be an improvement but they are still slow compared to 1.33. I figure there’s a good chance Uniden tuned the transition using default settings plus having it at 100% means it will see more signal...