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  1. Windstrings

    R7 Arrows the best?

    Just wanted to put a plug in for Uniden arrows on the R7! I've been frustrated in the past where the long latency times other vendors place on arrows in hopes to not confuse newbies as the signals are bouncing around when extremely close to the source, but I find this the Pinnacle of situational...
  2. Windstrings

    R7 separate Rear horn mute?

    It's amusing to hear how people complain when a detector with arrows seems chattier! They often overlook that arrows mean the unit must have a forward and rear detector. This means you basically have two detectors in one box so twice the noise! One of the powerful assets of the V1 is its...
  3. Windstrings

    Yav1 2.07b?

    I finally updated my 2.04b I last had before Franky stopped being active. I'm now running 2.07b from the playstore. While I haven't tried all possible features and scenarios, I'm quite pleased with the increased stability. Before yav1 would occasionally drop out and regain on its own...
  4. Windstrings

    Yav1 w/TMF2 & k-POP Off, k junk fighter

    It appears datalogging files may never be used for developing AI at this point. I'm Therefore finally updating to TMF2 since I will again be one the road a lot. Was wondering if any of you guys are finding any abnormalities with yav1 using tmf2 vs not? YaV1 was created before tmf2 was...
  5. Windstrings

    1.3 mile V1 K-band detection
  6. Windstrings

    Moto G users with YaV1 Please vote

    There are a few folks who have been having issues with the Moto G and the latest version of YaV1..... usually related to lockouts not muting, "savvy emulation works fine", or other anomalies with lockouts not saving etc. Sometimes the lockouts may not appear to be not saving as a second or...
  7. Windstrings

    Auto lockout, details for next release 2.0.1

    Re: Auto lockout, details for next release I'm not sure if this is required for all devices, but to ensure gps accuracy a few device settings is recommended also....... 200m is very small compared to conventional lockouts and in order to maintain that consistency so that previous signals are...
  8. Windstrings

    Benefits of rear receive with arrows

    As everyone knows the V1 is unique in its ability to recieve out the rear for great distances versus front reflected signals. Combine that with arrows and a powerful unique defensive tool is created. With a typical RD signal is picked up but only the seasoned can determine direction and...
  9. Windstrings

    Stupid YaV1 Questions - ask all you were afraid to ask because it seemed too dumb

    This is "not" a replacement for reading the manual but it's totally understandable the mind can bend and thoughts can swirl when trying to get a grip on some of the concepts within the skirts of YaV1... She's a beast! I thought we could benefit from having a stupid questions thread here...
  10. Windstrings

    Poll: Should YaV1 change it's references about auto-lockouts to another name?

    Out of over 50 suggestions "each submission earned one vote".. only 3 rose to the top to challenge the term "auto-lockouts" with more than one simple vote. After thinking about it, lets let everyone have more than one vote... there's more than one good answer and this gives a little lattitude...
  11. Windstrings

    lockouts, should YaV1 use another name to be more accurate?

    It has been voiced that lockouts are not what YaV1 is truly doing since the signal remains visible..... on the technical side, the detector still sees it will all models but just hides it with the exception of sweeps. It has also been mentioned that we could keep the term if wanted as its not a...
  12. Windstrings

    YaV1 lockouts make leo stick out,

    Going home tonight in my small town where all falses are locked out and found a new unmarked K band... There was no second guessing but as I looked for him while getting full signal the arrows switched to rear and I never saw him in the dark! ... So I turned around and started video...
  13. Windstrings

    YaV1 2.0 auto-lockouts what they're cracked up to be?

    While testing has been going on quite a while now I've never captured the sweet occurrence I got this morning. As many know, YaV1 is soon releasing version 2.0 with auto-lockouts that use the signal strength differences between front and rear horns to judge whether a new signal introduced...
  14. Windstrings

    Any V1 off axis videos?

    Unless you have a dash cam it's hard to grab off axis without turning around and wasting time hoping he's still there. My V1 went off and since I still had a very long straight away in front with no leo visible, I figured I would pull out my phone and hope for a good off axis shot... It paid...
  15. Windstrings

    Can tapatalk show member / thread levels?

    I know tapatalk is a pain in butt but I do use it 99 percent of the time.. Is what allows me to participate so much. But I can't seem to be able to tell what level I'm on when I view any given thread? Makes it hard for me to know what to share or how to word things. When viewing on a...
  16. Windstrings

    YaV1 K-pop off in euro really works!

    K-pop off really works!: As you know, when getting a moving K false it's difficult to know where it's coming from. Every since YaV1 has had the ability to remove k-pop whole in euro mode I've been envious of HC's and Youthan' video with the "k-pop off" setting...
  17. Windstrings

    Tapatalk dead?

    I have two different tapatalk programs and neither will log on starting this afternoon. Are changes being made or is this temporary? "r both"
  18. Windstrings

    YaV1 1.1.4 upcoming features!

    1.1.3 has just been released and already 1.1.4 is loaded with enough new features for a soon release if Franky decides to. Franky is the energizer bunny! When he's not visible on the forum, it's usually not Because of personal affairs as we, but you can bet he's tweaking and twisting code to...
  19. Windstrings

    Post your YaV1 lockout database for sharing!

    Anyone have a boatload of lockouts for your area? I'm up to 1300 for the Dallas Fort Worth and surrounding area. Give me your ideals about whether it is worth sharing our lock outs with others. Unless someone has a better idea I can keep them alphabetically categorized here in post #1 if...
  20. Windstrings

    YaV1 Manual and Guide v2.0.2 + App + Custom Sound files

    YaV1 manual "updated with each release" and may be revised in between version releases. Thanks for all you have posted video's and how to's on the forum... please send me a PM to add pertinent links for next release. I will use this thread to add new versions as YaV1 progresses in the future...