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  1. moneychanger

    Arizona Road Trip

    I will be flying into Phoenix for a two week stay in Arizona. I will rent a car, and plan to travel extensively in the north, south, and east of Arizona. I will carry a R3 with me, but I will feel naked without my ALP setup. Just wondering if our Arizona Forum members can share some insight as...
  2. moneychanger

    Texas Semiconductor Producers Forced to Curtail Production

    As the catastrophic weather affects millions of Texans, and my heart goes out to those affected, we are seeing additional fallout in the form of Texas Semiconductor manufactures being forced to curtail production of chips. There was already a significant shortage of chips worldwide, this can...
  3. moneychanger

    After Theia?

    So, Theia has hit the market and it’s everything we had hoped. Now what? Is this it? Has Theia successfully met all of our desires in ‘Situational Awareness’? What do we want from the next generation of radar detectors? According to Jon, ultimately, he will integrate ALP or some laser jammers...
  4. moneychanger

    Need to Test My ALP System - Birmingham, AL

    Hi Guys. I have had my ALP system (three front/two rear) installed for a couple of months and would like to get it tested. If anyone is within 200/250 miles of Birmingham, AL and has a laser gun or two, and would like to help me test these heads I sure would be grateful. I'll of course, come to you.
  5. moneychanger

    Blackvue iPhone App

    So I just purchased a Blackvue 900S dashcam. I went to the Apple's App Store and I found two apps when searching for Blackvue. One was 'Dride for BlackVue' and the second 'BlackVue Battery'. Well I don't have the battery, so that leaves 'Dride for BlackVue'. The icon doesn't look anything like...
  6. moneychanger

    Blackvue DR 900S Memory Cards

    Everything I read on the Blackvue website seems to indicate only their micro memory cards will work in their units. Is this true? They charge a ridiculous premium for their cards. Are there any other cards that work?
  7. moneychanger

    No LIDAR on This Trip

    Did a Birmingham, AL to Atlanta to Gainesville, Georgia trip and back but no laser. I had hoped I would run into a lidar gun over the 4th of July holiday period (July 3 - 5) but no luck. Interstates run: I-20 Birmingham to Atlanta
  8. moneychanger

    Caught with Laser Jammers in State Where Illegal

    Has anyone been caught in a state where laser jammers are illegal? Did you get 'written up'? Did they try to confiscate the jammers, (though I don't know how they would do that)? Did they try to confiscate your vehicle? I soon will be driving in some states where it is illegal to have jammers...
  9. moneychanger

    1000 mile trip, no laser

    Well, I was super excited to go out on the road and test my new ALP set-up. 1000 miles, Birmingham, AL to Abington, VA, to Boone, NC, to Cherokee, NC, to Atlanta, GA, and back to Birmingham. Nothing, Not a sniff of laser. Only one radar trap (34.7 east of Knoxville, TN on I-40, what a...
  10. moneychanger

    Hand Held Mini Lidar Transmitter for Testing

    In one of Vortex's videos, he had two small Lidar transmitters. Where can I buy one?
  11. moneychanger

    Monday's the Big Day!

    Well, next Monday IS the big day. I drive to Atlanta and Cartunes of Atlanta will install the ALP on my Genesis. I am absolutely stoked. I had originally wanted to go with an integrated system, specifically the Radenso RC-M, but after reading a number of excellent reviews (testing) I decided to...
  12. moneychanger

    Automatic Lockout

    When does the automatic lockout patent run out?
  13. moneychanger

    Has anyone done an ALP install on a 2014 Hyundai Genesis

    I'm planning to have an ALP system installed on my 2014 Hyundai Genesis. In the front I would like to do three heads with one being a Tx head. Has anyone done this type of install? And where did you place the heads?
  14. moneychanger

    ALP Installers in Atlanta, GA?

    My next purchase is an ALP system. I live in Birmingham, AL and I don't know of any shops that are recommended in Birmingham. Monday I will be in Atlanta and I would like to visit a couple of shops. I know of Cartunes of Atlanta and will visit them. Can anyone recommend another shop or two that...
  15. moneychanger

    It is Done!

    Well after toiling over what detector to buy, I finally decided to add to my V1, the R3. It has been driving me crazy whether to go with the Radenso Pro M. the R1 or 3, a remote set-up such as the RCM or NR...too many good choices. Do you wait for the next NEW RD rollout? Do you wait for Mike...
  16. moneychanger

    What about K Band Radar Encounters

    Yeah the R1 and R3 are absolutely fantastic on KA band. But what about those of us that still see a lot of K band radar? It seems everyone suggests reducing the K band sensitivity on the R1 and R3 down to 50 - 70% in order to minimize the number of K band falses, primarily BSM encounters. Again...
  17. moneychanger

    Has Anyone Tried to Install an ALP system on a Tesla S?

    It looks like a real difficult install. Where would the heads be placed?
  18. moneychanger

    Asked for a R3, got a French Coffee Press

    My wife every year asks what she can get me for Christmas. Every year I say. "Nothing". Finally this year I say give me a R3. Yes, I explained what a R3 is and where she can purchase it online. So Christmas morning comes and with great excitement I await my brand new R3. Hallelujah. . Nope...
  19. moneychanger

    Does anyone have experience with the Blacksys CH-200 dashcam?

    Does anyone have experience with the Blacksys CH-200 dashcam?
  20. moneychanger

    Laser I-75 South of Atlanta

    Just a heads up as we are into the holiday season. I recently did a trip from Atlanta to just south of Valdosta on I-75. Be careful of GSP using laser primarily on overpasses. Shooting front AND rear. LEO would stay stationary on the overpass and radio to 2-3 GSP cars ahead about a half a mile...