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  1. crm

    34.7, 35.5, K band Test - R1, Redline, Magnum, V1, RX65 Pro

    Happy Independence Day! I hope that you are not all eating too much. I ran some tests in a real world ambush type environment and the results was as expected. I am going to post the videos of the 34.7 tests today but, I have been called to go out of town for a few days and will not be able to...
  2. crm

    Stalker XLR now being used by the FHP

    This is just to tell everyone that the FHP now has the new Stalker XLRs. I have been hit twice with them and have not got stopped yet(yes, I was speeding). Both times were about 4 miles before the weigh station going north bound 95. I had a lot of radar and laser videos that I was saving and my...
  3. crm


    Hi everyone, I am new to the site but love all of the valuable information that I have already read. Now a little about myself, I have been using radar detectors for a long time and have had some good and some bad. I currently am running a redline BS/RDR in my car that I drive most of the time...