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  1. ZippyDude

    WV to Florida and back ... I/O Va ... bang!

    FYI .... after calling Virginia to double check ..... was going to pay ticket via web. Gal said it may take a few days to show up in system ..... since they wrote over 475 tickets in Carroll County, VA over the weekend. Yeah ...... over 475 on Sat & Sun ....... in that county alone!! That's a...
  2. ZippyDude

    WV to Florida and back ... I/O Va ... bang!

    Ahhhhh .... It is what it is. The ticket could have been worse. A lot worse. Being tired and dealing with traffic jams all day worked both to my advantage and against it. Since I was tired .... I wasn't paying attention. Not good, but I am also very careful through that area If I had been...
  3. ZippyDude

    WV to Florida and back ... I/O Va ... bang!

    No points .... At least that is my take. I am also a WV driver ... So the point thing for VA wouldn't apply to me.
  4. ZippyDude

    WV to Florida and back ... I/O Va ... bang!

    Correct again! I even know better! Just was tired and not paying attention.
  5. ZippyDude

    WV to Florida and back ... I/O Va ... bang!

    Exactly the area! Sneaky as hell. Absolutely no warning ... BANG! LOL.
  6. ZippyDude

    WV to Florida and back ... I/O Va ... bang!

    I had the redline laying on the comsole between the seats. Had Mrs put it in glove box. I was very tired and not paying attention. To be honest ... I had just come up the mountain under the speed limit. As I topped the mountain I was going faster than I thought. When the LEO pulled out on me...
  7. ZippyDude

    WV to Florida and back ... I/O Va ... bang!

    Well .... made my annual WV to Fla back to WV run. Had very few hits or even detections. Max and Redline worked very, very well. Max seems quieter when running with live. Seems to keep the "bad" signals tamed a bit. Then cam the top of the Virginia mountains on the return trip ...... Oooops...
  8. ZippyDude

    very strong k band emitting phone

    Sumthin was going on yesterday! BOTH my units went crazy tilt on K band for a period of time. I dunno .... prolly "HARPP" or sumthin. Kinda freaked me out for a bit ....
  9. ZippyDude

    Blinder update problem

    I have noticed issues in various ways with updates of all kinds of sorts ..... steps to "minimize" issues: Turn OFF anti virus software Turn OFF windows firewall Exit and/or close other running applications in bottom right of task bar ..... Do updates ..... then rebbot or turn stuff back on...
  10. ZippyDude

    Max and GPS resets after start up?

    Thank You kindly Larry! I'm heading out Saturday morning so I can't make the time frames. I'm in the WV .... not that far away from ya, but simply not enough time. I'll message you when I get back from the trip, and thanks very much for the post and info! Sincerely! :)
  11. ZippyDude

    After almost a year with Max & Redline

    Thank you kindly .... That is exacly what I wanted to know! And fer geez .... I aint drunk ... Just typing all this on the ipad. Damn thing has a mind of it's on sometimes. ;)
  12. ZippyDude

    After almost a year with Max & Redline

    Thought I would give my opine after being away from RDF for a bit .... I like my Max. I use it daily in my little work car. For perspective I drive about 2.5 miles each way ro work in a small city. Not as far as many, I know. Max has done a great job of identifying any threats I have come...
  13. ZippyDude

    Presenting The RDF Geographical Survey (Version 1.0) - OUTDATED

    Map update info for WV The City of Parkersburg in Wood County WV is now using some Ka band systems. If someone would be kind enough to add the info to the map.
  14. ZippyDude

    Max and GPS resets after start up?

    Been away a while from the forum Without tainting my perceptions ... I have a question My Max seems to lose GPS locked after each start up at about the 2 minute spot or so .... Then regains it after a couple more minutes. This was before I did the newest firmware updates a few days ago Late...
  15. ZippyDude

    Been away a bit. Howdy folks!

    Been busy the past several months and kinda doin the Kaczynski life. Gettin ready for my long annual run from the WV to Florida. Didn't get Max in time last year. This year .... Redline / Max / HP 905 / scanner systems / GPS / Escort Live / Waze and all the integration work is almost...
  16. ZippyDude

    Palm beach county fl & Charleston sc.

    My experiences with Palm Beach county on 95 is watch out! They throw just about everything at you at various times of day from WPB to Boca Raton. Safe tarvels. :)
  17. ZippyDude

    Max GPS Error

    Mine has dine this a few times. GPS error twice .... Lost signal about 6 times since I have owned it. I am still watching it.
  18. ZippyDude

    New Virginia User Here

    Welcome :)
  19. ZippyDude

    The new BMW M4

    Giggity ..... :)