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  1. ZippyDude

    WV to Florida and back ... I/O Va ... bang!

    Well .... made my annual WV to Fla back to WV run. Had very few hits or even detections. Max and Redline worked very, very well. Max seems quieter when running with live. Seems to keep the "bad" signals tamed a bit. Then cam the top of the Virginia mountains on the return trip ...... Oooops...
  2. ZippyDude

    After almost a year with Max & Redline

    Thought I would give my opine after being away from RDF for a bit .... I like my Max. I use it daily in my little work car. For perspective I drive about 2.5 miles each way ro work in a small city. Not as far as many, I know. Max has done a great job of identifying any threats I have come...
  3. ZippyDude

    Max and GPS resets after start up?

    Been away a while from the forum Without tainting my perceptions ... I have a question My Max seems to lose GPS locked after each start up at about the 2 minute spot or so .... Then regains it after a couple more minutes. This was before I did the newest firmware updates a few days ago Late...
  4. ZippyDude

    Been away a bit. Howdy folks!

    Been busy the past several months and kinda doin the Kaczynski life. Gettin ready for my long annual run from the WV to Florida. Didn't get Max in time last year. This year .... Redline / Max / HP 905 / scanner systems / GPS / Escort Live / Waze and all the integration work is almost...
  5. ZippyDude

    Was it a Miss? Did my RD not do it's job?

    There are many skilled and experienced RD, Radar, Lidar and other folks here on RDF, but a general concept thread might be valuable to some. Radar: Radar travels as a wave. The unit transmits a signal from the LEO ... and waits for a return echo. This calculates speed. (In simple terms)...
  6. ZippyDude

    V1 (35.5) / Max (34.7) / Redline (?)

    So all the reads and studies and testing elude to strengths an weaknesses .... at least from what I read from RDF. So ..... Why? Why is the "achilles heel" of the V1 .... 35.5? Why (In Veil Guys case) is the apparent same of Max .... 34.7? The Redline? Can anyone shed some light of this? Is...
  7. ZippyDude

    Max, GPS and lockouts????? Let's see if we can end this one.

    For the sake of discussion let's approach it this way .... Max has (3) K band signals that have been "filtered", "locked" what ever term you wish to use to describe it. Let's even make it harder on Max .... they are ALL at 24.150 in freq .... ALL 3 of them ..... you roll up to the same area at...
  8. ZippyDude

    A Dudes Escort Max thoughts and early review.

    A Dudes Escort Max Review I put the highway car away and got out my daily driver, Suzuki SX4 Hatchback for the tests. Lotsa glass up front and nothing to interfere with the tests. My Escort Max is set to: Highway Mode TSR-Off GPS-On (Autolearn) Cruise Alert-25 Auto Mute –Off...
  9. ZippyDude

    Basic advice on iPhone and running Escort Live ... and Waze as well.

    Thought a thread with some basics may be valuable. I run iPhone 4s, EL (via bluetooth), Waze, Garmin GPS (via bluetooth) #1 : iPhone ... double click home button. This brings up the apps currently running. If you are one of those folks with 10,000,000 apps on your phone this will prove very...
  10. ZippyDude

    A Dudes impressions of the V1 LE, RL BS/RDR, Max .... for the everyday Dude!

    After joining RDF and reading, reading and reading some more .... Fantastic folks here, with uber skills and experience. But some generalities begin to emerge that seem somewhat obvious to me. If you are a general RD user that travels in an area with lots of falses, aren't likely to plug in a...
  11. ZippyDude

    1000 foot view of Escort Max ... DSP/DNA

    Thought maybe I'd speculate slightly on the new Escort Max with DSP/DNA. While I am not the RD guru as many are here, I am a tech dude and work with similar things in the tech world and marine world. I am not trying to explain in detailed or engineering terms, nor 100% clarity of "facts" from...
  12. ZippyDude

    Starke County Florida

    I had posted in a trip report and someone with the ability may want to add to Geo ....nothing there on Geo Starke County north of Gainesville ..... Nasty speed trap enforcement. even marked by signs and such .... They are very serious through this area. Lawtey town especially. Night time was...
  13. ZippyDude

    Redline off axis detect in city .... RDF is making me and RD crack head :)

    So on my way home from office ..... im rolling down the small town city streets at 25 mph in my local neighborhood when the Redline goes beep at 35.470 Ka. I'm kinda like WTH? So I turned around 3 or 4 times to repeat the path going both ways, and beep at 35.470 each time. Curiosity takes...
  14. ZippyDude

    The tale of the LudIcrous Redline

    Guys.... Most know I recently purchased my new Redline with BS/RDR. Now I am no expert as many here on RDF, and I do not have a way to accurately determine a "hot" RD. I also have nothing to compare to , or use as a baseline for analysis. BUT....... This thing is SO INSANE on the interstate...
  15. ZippyDude

    Redline / Escort Live / Waze .... And alerts?

    Soooooo... Before my next trip.... I run the above simultaneously on IPhone 4s. I wish to pay more attention to reports and alerts from all 3. my Redline actually displayed "live cop" on the LED readout. I also had marked Ka alerts on EL at minimum of 7500 or more feet prior to coming upon...
  16. ZippyDude

    MB S-Class testing HP Quad 7/11/13

    MB S-Class testing HP Quad 7/11/13... Post testing Having car tested tomorrow Thurs 7/11 Leon was gracious enough to test my setup for me while I am in the area. Quad system 2/2 and will report what result we derive.
  17. ZippyDude

    ZippyDude Leg 1 & 2 Trip Report WV/VA/NC/SC/GA/FL

    Howdy folks, Little trip report from WV to FL Running systems: Redline BS/RDR / Escort Live / Waze / HP-905 Quad = a Very Happy Dude! Started Saturday 8AM WV - Pretty quiet, moderate traffic I-77 south. No real alerts to speak of to VA. Few wazers, no real EL alerts. PSL+10 VA - Again...
  18. ZippyDude

    My sincere thanks to RDF

    Wasn't sure where to post this, but after reading, reading and reading some more ... I'd like to say thanks to you, the forum. #1 RDF helped me immensely in choosing a new RD after many years of not having or actually really needing one. BEFORE I even joined the forum. #2 As a...
  19. ZippyDude

    Pending trip Florida Turnpike?

    Will be making a trip thru area and have to stop in Gainesville, FL. When I leave Gainesville ..... heading to Delray Beach / Boca Raton area. Hoping to let-er-run ..... recommendations and advice please? Take turnpike south .... or cut over to 95 and go south? Which would be more "convenient"...
  20. ZippyDude

    How do you know what radar/lidar is being used?

    How do a lot of you know what specific radar or lidar is being used? Frequencies? Experience? Visual? Geo Map? I see several long time forum members that can state a band, frequency and make .... My assumption is this is just plain ole experience and knowledge.