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  1. notblake

    Speed Camera School Zone enforcement

    I didn't realize the bill passed but be on the lookout for speed cameras in school zones. Source:
  2. notblake

    LID Speed Limit Required for TX sensor?

    Hey all, I've been searching around and haven't found the answer to this question. I know the TX sensor requires a GPS module (which I have installed) and that the TX head only fires above a certain speed. However I have not determined if an appropriate LID speed limit must be set in config...
  3. notblake

    Recommendations for '18 Golf R

    Just picked up an 18 Golf R and need to install jammers in it ASAP, this thing hides speed a little too well on the highway. Just wanted to check in and see what the current recommendations are for an ALP install on a vehicle of this size. I'm assuming 2x RX heads with a center TX head in the...
  4. notblake

    Operation Southern Shield

    Be advised, there will be increased highway enforcement throughout the southeastern US July 17 through 21.
  5. notblake

    Aircraft-style multi-radio system

    Okay so here's a wild idea I've had for a while now, but I'm curious if any of you guys have experience in wiring or using such a system. The challenege Simultaneous use of CB and scanner radios can be difficult due to the overlapping signals being received at any given time, reducing message...
  6. notblake

    Thanks BRD and ALP - fantastic firmware update for non hi-fi users

    The addition of the last gun to set off an alert in the stats file is a very helpful feature for us basic control set users! It would have been very easy for the ALP team to leave us second-class non hi-fi users high and dry on gun identification as an upselling tool. As a die hard pro-mode...
  7. notblake

    More GSP rear shooting on I20

    Another one bites the dust. This one definitely got the heart racing, lol.
  8. notblake

    Praise for CarTunes

    Had my second ALP head replaced by CarTunes today. I have to say they have been great with after-purchase support and haven't charged me a dime to fix thethe 40% failure rate I've experienced on my ALP heads. All of this on top of great install fit and finish. Great local company for you Atlanta...
  9. notblake

    GSP taking rear shots on I20 inside Atlanta proper.

    Got tagged in the bum with a PL3/4 today on the way home. I20 east just past Glenwood. There's a small clearing in the foliage there, so it must be a regular spot but I have never been hit there previously.
  10. notblake

    Startup error after firmware update

    Hey BestRadarDetectors after most recent firmware update I'm getting this error on startup where the indicator flashes red and the control set beeps twice, repeatedly. It will go on multiple minutes so I can't even get into the menu to pull a statistics file or do a factory reset. Any advice...
  11. notblake

    YES! New version of Waze can turn off hazard warnings!

    In addition to the speed limit display the newest version of Waze has selectable alerts and everything but police can be turned off. The speed limit display is Icing on the cake.
  12. notblake

    Scanning for VASCAR

    Hey guys, quick question about catching VASCAR comms on the scanner. Will scanning Law Talk or Law Tac catch the air-ground and ground-air communications? Or do I need to add additional systems?
  13. notblake

    Phantom for scanner?

    Hey guys, just ordered a BCD436HP for mobile scanner use. I'll want to set this up to work for long cross country road trips so I need an antenna that will work across all law enforcement bands. Will something like this work at all on 150 or 450...
  14. notblake

    Uniden Bearcat 880 perfectly matches Mustang interior lighting

    And it makes me very happy indeed.
  15. notblake

    FLIR One or SEEK thermal?

    Anyone tried running these in a car? My initial impression is that the FOV is far too wide for use as a countermeasure.
  16. notblake

    Recommend a drill-through CB antenna and mount

    Okay so I think I'm ready to bite the bullet and drill a hole in my trunk lid to permanently mount a CB antenna. Does anyone have any recommendations on what mount to use and what whip would be best? One of the challenges that I have is that the trunk itself is very small, so it doesn't...
  17. notblake

    [Video] ALP testing with Laser Rangefinder (with PTs!)

    As promised, here's a video showing how the ALP actually jams a laser rangefinder. The Bushnell actually gets PTs in similar spots to the Dragoneye, so this might be a decent supplementary testing device. Obviously the close range makes the beam unrealistically tight, but for probing for weak...
  18. notblake

    Laser testing with Laser Rangefinders (Bushnell)

    For anyone who is curious, Laser Technology Inc makes makes Bushnell's laser rangefinders. I've recently gotten into long range shooting and was wondering if I could kill two birds with one stone. I picked up a Bushnell G-Force DX today (link for the lazy): It will...
  19. notblake

    Can't we all just get along?

    A recent thread along the lines of "M3 vs V1 vs LRD" had me thinking... we (for the most part) are consumers. We are not manufacturers, so trying to align alliance with one is completely self destructive. Within a week of running an M3 and a V1 I realized that the two are a perfect compliment to...
  20. notblake

    Anyone fix Ultralyte LR-B's

    Bought an LR-B a couple of weeks ago. It worked fine for the first few uses and lived in the padded hardcase I bought for it, safe and sound in between uses. I tried to use it a couple of days ago and... nothing. Tried brand new batteries and nothing. No display, no errors, it's just not getting...