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  1. HaloInReverse

    NHP Sporting New Duds...

    Noted that Nevada Highway Patrol is sporting a new look for their vehicles as of yesterday. Instead of the dark blue vehicle paint with gold markings, they've now gone to silver vehicle paint with blue markings. Keep your eyes peeled for the new look.
  2. HaloInReverse

    R3 Not Picking Up A Thing

    So my ride to work has me a little worried with my R3. It's been flawless since I've owned it up until today... This morning jumping on the interstate there's construction right by my house with a "Your Speed" sign right after the onramp. Normally I pick this K band signal up long before I jump...
  3. HaloInReverse

    Marking Multiple Signals

    So I've come to the conclusion that it's unpossible to mark multiple signals in the same area with the R3. Example: I work on a military installation and when I'm about a mile out from the front gate, I start to pick multiple Ka bands that are not popo related. I've marked the area when I pick...
  4. HaloInReverse

    Will Enabling TSR On Redline Eliminate BSM signals?

    On a few drives in the dead of night to work, I've approached vehicles that have spooked me into slowing down because the Redline is picking up BSM signals. Not only is this an annoyance but if that vehicle is traveling about the same speed as me it's constantly going off, which means that if...