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  1. Jdem

    TMG VPR Test Results from Vancouver - Feb16, 2020

    A bunch of us got together this past Sunday to put the new VPR head to the test on a few different vehicles. We tested a triple head setup (center head was VPR) on a MK6 VW Golf, Ford Escape, and BMW M2 (mounting the center VPR head vertically on this one). We found some inconsistent results...
  2. Jdem

    "Truspeed" Falses from newer vehicles

    Has anyone else experienced "Truspeed" false alerts from newer Mercedes vehicles, or any other vehicles for that matter? I've gotten 2-3 of these falses in the last 2 weeks. Any future plans to add some kind of false rejection for these newer vehicles, similar to the "Poliscan False Rejection"...
  3. Jdem

    F350 ALP Head Placement?

    Going to be installing a 2 Rx 1 Tx ALP setup on my friend's 2019 F350. Looking for any input on placement if it differs from the pic I posted here (Red= Rx heads, Yellow= Tx head). -Does anybody have experience with how 2 Rx 1 Tx performs against the Dragoneye on such a large front end? -I can...
  4. Jdem

    ALP Tx head behind perspex?

    I have a dual rear setup on my Golf (1 Rx / 1 Tx) that performs solid. The Tx head currently is mounted inside of an empty regular Rx head casing for uniformity/looks. I'm looking to get some pods made with perspex covers to make the rear a bit more stealth and professional looking. How well...
  5. Jdem

    DragonEye Use in WA?

    From what I recall, I've heard multiple times that the DragonEye is not used in Washington State, but just noticed it's listed on RDFGS for both Blaine and Bellingham. However, maybe I am wrong here with "what I recall".... Is this DragonEye use information in Washington confirmed, or just...
  6. Jdem

    ALP Rx head behind the rear glass, Tx head outside car?

    Trying to get creative with rear head placement on my MK7 Golf. I'll be running 1 regular head, and 1 Tx head to start, and see how it performs. My question is, if the Tx head stays external for 100% of the firing power (of course), can I put the Rx head inside the car, right behind and up...
  7. Jdem

    ALP Rear placement on VW Golf - 1 Tx + 1 Reg

    Hi guys, Looking to do some rear heads on my MK7 Golf, specifically a 2 head setup (1 Tx and 1 Regular). The Tx head would be 21.5" off the ground. We have LOTS of DragonEye up here. Opinions or experience on how this would perform before I decide on what to purchase? Would it be better to...
  8. Jdem

    Surrey Speed/Red Light Camera

    Wanted to share some results from one location, specifically the one now set up at 64th and 152 st in Surrey. The camera is set up on the North East side of the intersection pointing West. I was parked on the South West side for this video. My R7 would only alert to it when I pointed the...
  9. Jdem

    Splicing remote mute button into ALP control pad?

    Hi all I've seen a couple of setups where people have integrated the ALP control pad into some of their vehicle's OEM buttons. I am thinking of doing that myself, so I can JTK using one of my vehicle's OEM buttons. Does anybody have any info or pics regarding opening up the control pad? Thanks
  10. Jdem

    K-Band Marked SUV

    Just wanted to give a heads up to all. Most of you probably know, but K-Band is still used in the Vancouver area / Lower Mainland. I’ve encountered lots of it actually. In this case, it was 24.115 GHz. This was from the other day in Richmond. In the pic the signal only shows 1 bar because I...
  11. Jdem

    Dragon Eye in Surrey

    Thought I would share :) Was set for detection only as I already knew their location. Hit the button anyways out of habit. Full size Dragon Eye. Dropbox - DET.MOV
  12. Jdem

    Stalker XLR in Delta BC

    Stalker XLR LIDAR gun posted by Delta Police on Hwy 17. I know this is a VPR gun, but whats the difficulty like compared to a DragonEye?
  13. Jdem

    Blue mute wire to audio interrupt the stereo?

    Hey guys Looking to take advantage of the blue mute wire on my Gen 1 CPU. I'd like to connect it to the audio interrupt (negative triggered) wire on my Alpine deck, but I remember briefly reading a long time ago that I will require some kind of relay setup. I've seen threads on adjustable time...
  14. Jdem

    2 Regular + TX Sensor Front Install/Spacing

    Hey guys So previously I have had a 3 head setup up front, and tested two separate times against the DragonEye gun, all JTG except the one time I turned slightly (sort of like if I was going to just avoid a pothole) and got a punch through. The PT however was at a very close range (cannot...
  15. Jdem

    What LIDAR gun is this officer using? Between Hope & Chilliwack, BC.

    Hey all Just wondering if anybody on here may be able to determine exactly what this officer is using? Detector alerted to laser, so I figured I would drive by him and let the dashcam record which gun he is using. It looks like a telescopic lens of some sort though. Perhaps he was using that...
  16. Jdem

    Anyone near Vancouver BC or Bellingham WA for ALP testing?

    Hey guys Just installing my new ALP. Would like to test it with a real LIDAR gun to make sure it's jamming. Anybody near Vancouver BC, Canada, or Bellingham Washington that has a gun and would like to meet up to test? Thanks!
  17. Jdem

    MK3 Supra ALP Head Placement Suggestions?

    Hey all! Just got a ALP system and would like some feedback and suggestion. 1. On a front end like this with popup headlights that are down during the day, would it be okay with 2 heads, or do I need 3? 2. Where would you place the (2, or 3) heads? Thanks!!