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  1. butterman

    TMG Head Failure Analysis

    I recently had a head fail which was purchases used/refurb from Jag in march of 2019, I think this is a gen 1 head but maybe someone can confirm? I would also like to mention that Jags response was phenomenal and he had a new one in the mail within 12 hours, despite the crisis that is going on...
  2. butterman

    Head is Blowing Fuse...Troubleshooting/Repair advice?

    Hey guys, I've narrowed down the issue to my right head. The controller boots fine with the head disconnected but as soon as I reconnect it the the blue power light on the controller blinks a couple times and then blows the 1 amp fuse in the the included cigarette plug power cable. Has anyone...
  3. butterman

    CAD design and 3D Printing Services

    Figured it's about time that I float it out here that I do mechanical engineering, CAD design and 3D printing services as a side job. My core competencies are high strength/stiffness to weight ratio mechanical design, aerodynamics (automotive and aerospace), CAD design and plastic product...
  4. butterman

    Rolling K-band 24.124 in Palmer MA

    Saw rolling K-band @ 24.124 around Palmer MA, just figured I'd let ya'll know
  5. butterman

    Thermal Night Vision Camera Install

    This section is a work in progress and I will update as new developments and work occurs. I'll put the interesting stuff first like videos and pictures and then an in-depth explanation of the project. Current Status 5/24/19 I have disassembled the camera to verify condition of the electronics...
  6. butterman

    Anyone running night vision camera?

    Is anybody running a thermal or ir camera? I would love to retrofit Mercedes near-IR night view assist camera.
  7. butterman

    Tips for driving NJ Turnpike

    I'm driving down to VA from New England and I've got about 100miles on the NJ turnpike. Any advice? Got any tips for navigating traffic and LEOs?
  8. butterman

    JBV1 and Daze Without V1

    Hey all, I don't have a V1 but would love to use JBV1 in conjunction with Daze. From skimming a couple threads and tinkering with the App for a few minutes I haven't figured out how to use JBV1 and Daze without a V1 connected so figured I'd consult the "experts" rather than waste an hour to...
  9. butterman

    Crowd Funding for Black 2.0 Lidar testing

    Crowdfunding not allowed.
  10. butterman

    Looking for Lidar Tester to test Black 2.0 paint

    Is anyone interested in testing black 2.0 effectiveness if the paint is provided to them? I've seen a lot of chatter on here about black 2.0 and vantablack recently so I think this could be, if not useful, at the least very interesting. I would be interested to see some controlled testing...
  11. butterman

    DETC False?

    I had two apparent falses for DETC this morning. One on the highway in traffic, one about a minute after pulling off. I didn't see any police nearby or down the road. Has anyone else experienced this? I will upload dashcam footage later
  12. butterman

    Would you buy Radar Absorbing Paint?

    If someone sold radar absorbing paint, would you buy it? why or why not? I can't say much without spilling the beans.
  13. butterman

    R1/R3/R7 Settings for fastest response time?

    disregarding all else, what combination of settings would yield the fastest response time?
  14. butterman

    Where to buy Spare Suction Cup for R7?

    Time to roll out the Sunday driver; has anyone seen where to buy a spare mount? If anyone doesn't plan on using their's, let me know, I'd be happy to buy it off you
  15. butterman

    R7 Production FW and DB Version

    For anyone interested, my R7 shipped with... FW: 120. 121. 110 DB: 19/01/04 (year/ month/ day?)
  16. butterman

    Mechanical Solution to a Software Problem (remote kill switch)

    I couldn't wait for TMG to release a remote control pad. I didn't have a warranty anyways. The CPU registers a button press when it goes low (ground).
  17. butterman

    TMG Front Placement BRZ

    I can't come up with an obvious solution to placement on my car with dual heads so I'd love to get some suggestions from you guys. Key factors two TMG a-15 heads 2015 BRZ I run a front plate and have fog lights typical commute is through New Hampshire and Massachusetts (DET state) Really don't...