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  1. Dave G

    Myrtle Beach Truck Week 2021

    Myrtle Beach Truck Week 2021 <click link to video Squatted & Lifted
  2. Dave G

    Life In The Fast Lane_just might co$t you

    SC House Passes Bill to Ticket "Slow Left Lane Drivers" COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — The South Carolina House has passed a bill that would let police write a ticket for someone driving too slow in the left lane. The House voted 108-0 to pass the bill Thursday, which would make it illegal for a...
  3. Dave G

    NYSP trying Vertical Lightbars

    NYSP Vertical Lightbars:police3: New York State Police added vertical lightbars to their existing horizontal lightbars with hopes of helping them be more visible when roadside. And to help with the move over law. Has anyone seen these in action in or around New York State? Stay Safe, Stay...
  4. Dave G

    North Carolina 'ghost’ cruiser causes controversy

    Just another sneaky LEO vehicle. And any unmarked is controversial. 🙄🖕
  5. Dave G

    MAXON RD-1 - Wanted one, but never bought it

    Seen one of these in a store late 70's early 80's and was impressed by the looks. Loved the signal strength bar and the size of the detector. This was my MOST WANTED but never got detector. I'm sure a few RDFORUM members had one back in the day.
  6. Dave G

    CB Antenna question: help needed !

    Do the make a 72" stainless steel whip? I know there is a 102" whip but I'm looking for one shorter than 102". I have a lil Wil and a K40 but I'm looking for a different look and setup. Similar set up to the one in the picture. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Dave G

    4,788 miles of travel on my DFR9

    So far I've racked up 4,788 miles of traveling on my DFR9. Fixin to add another 1,022 Sept. 1st. Headed for the Mountain State to do some family visiting. I've been very pleased with the protection it's providing. No, it's not perfect. A couple close calls with I/O in North Carolina and a LAZER...
  8. Dave G

    Batten down the hatches :)

    Riding the storm out, waiting for the fallout... Steady rain and light winds currently at my house. I am 15 miles west of Myrtle Beach. I anticipate the worst of it getting here in the next hour or two. My heroes have done a great job keeping us posted on the current conditions and position of...
  9. Dave G

    South Carolina SUPER TROOPER Recruitment

    South Carolina SUPER TROOPER Recruitment TOOL! ROBO Cop? lol No! It's not my car. I'm a truck guy.
  10. Dave G

    $15 Dash Cam

    I'm stepping up in the world. I went from a $10 cam to a $15 I picked up one of these two weeks ago to give as a Christmas gift to my girlfriend. She absolutely loved it. I am very surprised on how well it does work. It out does my $10 dashcam that I just bought 3 weeks ago. And...
  11. Dave G

    $10 DashCam

    My new DashCam I picked up at a locale Hamrick's Department . I'm sure there will be a few laughs at this but I wanted to try it out. I expected it wouldn’t do to well. It's definitely $10 quality.... lol Some of the features did nothing. Total Vision Automotive HD Dash Cam  Safety and...
  12. Dave G

    My 1st LASER alert on my DFR9

    Well ! Got my first LASER hit today. Conway, SC now confirmed using LIDAR. Cruising along at PSL +5 when I noticed 2 local City PD Cruisers parked on a cross street perpendicular to the roadway I was traveling. All of a sudden, BAM an alert sound for LASER. Really caught my attention because...
  13. Dave G

    MBPD Chevy Tahoe

    I have a friend that works for Myrtle Beach Public Works. He is friends with quite a few of the mechanics at vehicle maintenance. His friend Glenn ask him if he would like to go pick up a vehicle that had been worked on at a local dealership. Not knowing it was a MBPD Patrol Vehicle, he was...
  14. Dave G

    SCHP Patrol Vehicles

    Passed by my neighbors SCHP patrol car leaving my neighborhood and noticed "new" labeling on the rear of the vehicle. STATE TROOPER I have noticed it on a few other patrol cars traveling the roadways but could not get a picture until now. More identifiable now from the rear.
  15. Dave G

    WVSP 1/2 marked Ford Explorer

    I have never seen a 1/2 marked WVSP Ford Explorer that did not have the gold top. Unusual to me. Does anyone know if this is a new marked style for their Leo vehicles now? I will be headed for Fairmont, WV Friday and will be on the lookout.
  16. Dave G

    SCHP Rare Marked Patrol Vehicles

    Here are some SCHP Rare Marked Patrol Vehicles. Most of these are not being used today. Maybe I could have picked up the Viper at state auction for $6000. lol.... The Viper and BMW were seized vehicles that they made their own.
  17. Dave G

    SCDOT Traffic Cameras

    Does your state have traffic cameras that you can access and view? South Carolina DOT Traffic Cameras located throughout the state can be accessed by the public through the SCDOT website. These can be a very useful tool when traveling.
  18. Dave G

    Operation Southern Shield 2019

    :police3: Crackdown on speeding coming to 5 states, including South Carolina. MONTGOMERY, AL (AP) – Law enforcement officers in five Southern states are planning a crackdown on speeding motorists. State troopers and officers in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina and Tennessee are...
  19. Dave G

    K 24.04 Alert on my DFR9

    Got a K 24.04 alert from an unknown source on my DFR9. Couldn't figure it out. I didn't know it could alert that low on K band. First time seeing that low of a reading on the display. Interesting to say the least. Have you seen a low reading like this on you DFR9 if your a owner of one?