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  1. Tb12

    Any updates on supply chain

    Wanna know how F'ed supply chain is right now? I can't get a certain cable I need because there's a global shortage of polyvinyl chloride for the cable jacket. Yes, that's PVC. There's a shortage of f'ing PVC. I run complex electromechanical projects and generally can project out a range of...
  2. Tb12

    Any updates on supply chain

    Supply chain for ICs is a disaster right now. We're seeing shortages on multiple components with lead times up to a year. We've had to redesign several boards on a project I'm running because of these shortages, and purchase safety stock on items that are rapidly disappearing from the market...
  3. Tb12

    Pro M falling behind the competition?

    I'll sum it up this way - I wouldn't buy one new at this point for the price, but it's not so far behind that I feel the need to replace the Pro M I'm using now. Still a damn good used option though.
  4. Tb12

    GTI 2 head(1 RX, 1 TX) vs 3 head(RX)

    MASP doesn't run DE to my knowledge. Mostly truspeed S. They've were real quiet early this year after the overtime fiasco, don't know if they've ramped back up. Lots of detail on my install here Post in thread 'Mk7 Golf R ALP stealth build log'...
  5. Tb12

    Hiding a TX sensor on a Mk7 Golf R

    That looks great! I ended up going for the middle of the logo, real hard to see but not as stealth as that. How'd you get the perspex to match the curve of the logo?
  6. Tb12

    Theia Price Speculation:

    I like this idea. Pair this with a "contact Radenso" message, and a customer service "sure, just send it in and we'll fix it for free" (and then send to registered owner), it could work well. That said, it will make buying used gear a bit risky, there will need to be an easy way to switch...
  7. Tb12

    Theia Price Speculation:

    Assuming I still have a job with all the craziness going on, I'll be buying one at <1k, if for no other reason than supporting a company that's active and engaging the community, pushing the tech forward, and doing more than they maybe should in catering to the enthusiasts. I love my pro M...
  8. Tb12

    ALP GPS location - a pillar window?

    Currently have my GPS tucked under the dash (basically just behind the A pillar, it gets covered by the door when it's closed) and getting some slow lock-in and slow response to speed. So, time to move it. The easiest, lowest impact (stealth-wise) location while still leaving it exposed on the...
  9. Tb12

    Spoiler Alert! - V1 Gen2 First Photos

    <shitpost> that was a long two weeks! </Shitpost> Will be interesting if the buzz around Theia will depress sales... I know my CM budget this year is being held for that. Also, as a product designer/engineer, I hate hate hate that they're using a standby button as a mode switch button. But...
  10. Tb12

    Odd Pro-M settings loss

    Was driving the other day and heard "user area"... Wait, what? I've never set up any of those. Ignored it for a couple days, but in further investigation it looks like all of my settings changed (and not to factory defaults). Worst part is it turned off K and Ka detection! Wtf! Luckily no...
  11. Tb12

    ALP Custom Buttons Breakout Boards

    Yep. Not sure how well it'll print on every printer / material, mine was using Nylon+CF on a high end printer. Requires a bit of filing of the grooves to fine tune for conformal coating thickness, but it should be pretty minimal assuming your printer is good :)
  12. Tb12

    Uniden R3 Mount for VW Golf

    I did the same. All the plastic panels snap in and out fine, just have to manage clips and make sure they didn't separate. Make sure you route the wires BEHIND the curtain airbag. Then a piggyback add-a-fuse to the accessory line. The roof liner does seem to be fussy with snapping back up but I...
  13. Tb12

    ALP heads and pressure washers?

    Almost every high end professional detailer uses pressure washers. Just don't want to use a narrow nozzle/high pressure spray too close to the surface.
  14. Tb12

    ALP heads and pressure washers?

    One thing to consider with a tunnel wash is how exposed your sensors are, and how rigidly mounted. I'd be concerned about a sensor being knocked askew if they're not tucked into your grille. Ideally, if you're going to be exposing them to lots of high pressure washes, put them behind some Ir...
  15. Tb12

    Theia RDF Distro (OS) Possibilities: Ideas, Wants, Suggestions, and all things

    I'd love if CAN capabilities were included. They can always be accessed through some python libraries but being able to communicate directly with Bluetooth OBD2 dongles and have direct OBD2/CAN hooks to use in programming would enable a lot of cool stuff without a lot of fuss. Direct vehicle...
  16. Tb12

    Theia RDF Distro (OS) Possibilities: Ideas, Wants, Suggestions, and all things

    There are literally hundreds of replies (the vast majority of which I've read) but I couldn't remember the specifics. I also probably undersold what I meant by "performance monitor/daq" - I'm not talking about a Dragy replacement. I'm thinking full CAN integration via OBD2 to pull throttle...
  17. Tb12

    Theia RDF Distro (OS) Possibilities: Ideas, Wants, Suggestions, and all things

    What else does it have onboard? 10hz gps? Accelerometer? Bluetooth? If all the above, I see a performance monitor/daq in my future :)
  18. Tb12

    Radenso Pro M Firmware update now available (US 19)

    Seeing similar lockout oddness. Edit: I'm an idiot and forgot how to go through menu settings. Oops. Can't wait til Radenso has in-house designed hardware! ;)
  19. Tb12

    ALP 3D Sensor Holders

    Fwiw I can print Nylon w/ chopped fiber parts. They will absorb some moisture and swell a wee bit, but they're bombproof otherwise.
  20. Tb12

    ALP 3D Sensor Holders

    I can print something for you and ship it out. If you want more design work I'll need a fair bit of info and measurement data. Due to my circumstances I can't accept payment for prints, so if it's just printing something online, no problem. If there's (not too extensive) design work I'm sure...