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  1. Blasirl

    Thin Film Interference Filters for LIDAR - whitepaper

    Just ran across this.
  2. Blasirl

    Escort Max II LASER Alert back from the dead.

    After getting hit with LASER just after my original purchase a number of years ago, my MAX II has since warned me once in Milwaukee (I think a BSM hit) and once in Ohio (Ticket City) it then decided it was not worth warning me. The same squad that I got my first hit from regularly sits in the...
  3. Blasirl

    Need some clarification on placement min/max distances

    This is a pretty crude drawing, but it should work. I have read different threads on placement distances until I was blue in the face. What am I missing and which dimensions are correct?
  4. Blasirl

    Need help identifying parts of my purchase.

    1. On the far left is a cable that looks to be some sort of remote. 2. I am not sure what the little box attached to the CPU is. 3. An 8 inch cable with a white 4 lead Molex connector as well as two short stubs of red and blue wire. 4. Three cables with barrel connectors on one end and RJ6(?)...
  5. Blasirl

    Best ALP setup for a Cruze?

    Hi all, I am looking at having a 5 head AL Priority setup in my 2014 Cruze. I am asking for head placement suggestions for the three in the front and the two in the the rear. My car will eventually look like the last photo. Keep in mind the upper grill is basically solid and just for...
  6. Blasirl

    Updated Escort Passport Max II not alerting to LIDAR

    I run a Escort Passport Max II and was on my way to work, and have had this detector for about four years and understand it pretty well. I was running my normal route, clear day, lite traffic, I see a marked squad and let off the gas. My RD was flashing the normal "Highway" screen. I was...
  7. Blasirl

    Hello All!

    Hello, Apparently I've been a lurker for 4 - 5 years and for some reason always thought I was registered. This will take care of that. Robert