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  1. RRJ

    Your Car’s Computer Can’t Keep Secrets

    In the link below, check out the types of things stored in a cars’ computer they are starting to use in court and thieves can access now days. I knew of black boxes that stored the last few seconds of data before an incident, but actual voices, long term GPS, etc. were well beyond my...
  2. RRJ

    Utah: “Super Speeders” trending at near 41% yearly increase.

    The trend of what they were calling “Super Speeders” on the radio (not to be confused with Rob Ferretti) continues to climb in Utah. They predict that by the end of the year, people pulled for 100+ will have increased by 41% over the previous year. Pulls for PSL +20 are also increasing at a...
  3. RRJ

    Utah, another Stalker drifting high. 34.802

    Here is another example of drifting guns in Utah. Several UHP units were working accidents in Sardine Canyon this evening, and this one was at 34.802. On my R3, this frequency is right on the line between segments 5 and 6. I personally run Ka wide, but if you prefer manually segmenting 2/5/8...
  4. RRJ

    Mirror Tap 2014 Mazda6

    This is more info than a question. Long story short, is if you’re wanting to Mirror Tap into a 2014 Mazda6, the pins are likely the same as the Vortex Radar Miata video. (Bottom middle pin = ground, Bottom pin closest to drivers side = switched power) Longer story is I misplaced my multimeter...
  5. RRJ

    61 Year Old Grandma Nailed @120 +

    This lady may have made an impressive rabbit but it sounds like beginning pursuit was difficult enough to put those using her in the crosshairs.
  6. RRJ

    Utah: 119 tickets for 100+ in four days

    It looks like people are opening things up in Utah with the lower traffic levels. The photos in the news story show a radar hit, but the Twitter link shows multiple laser hits. I saw one at 500 ft and one at 1000 ft. Even with jamming devices, a hit at 100+ at that 500 ft range is going to...
  7. RRJ

    Mantua - UT Half Mile Laser Hit & Question

    INFO-Be aware that Mantua is in fact monitoring south bound traffic more, so be careful in either direction. QUESTION: Today I was traveling south bound in Mantua and got a laser hit in my SUV. This is extremely rare as I have my R3 mounted up high in the tint strip, far from my headlights...
  8. RRJ

    UHP Threatening Tolerance as Low as 5 MPH

    Looks like we may want to be a little more careful in Utah for a little while. They were threatening to pull for very little above PSL. If they actually do that, it may actually decrease the odds of a pull, as cops who normally wait for someone going over PSL+10 will be spending their time on...
  9. RRJ

    Make sure you sweep 34.35 in Northern Utah

    Long story short is I came upon a parked UHP vehicle with an antenna transmitting near 34.35, which is below Ka Narrow and segment 5 on my Uniden R3. I’m not sure what his patrol area would be, (he looked to be off duty and attending a religious function) but I suspect it’s somewhere North of...
  10. RRJ

    Can BSM act differently for same model/same firmware?

    I bought a DFR7 for my friend and since he hasn’t had a radar detector, I’ve been running it so I can explain it’s behavior in relation to store falses and BSM. It has the latest firmware installed. The first thing I noticed, is the BSM is horrible compared to my R1 It falses much more and...
  11. RRJ

    Can’t figure out Source of Ka signal Utah I15 Farr West Exit 349 North Bound

    The last few times I’ve been north bound just passed the Farr West exit on I15, I’ve picked up a Ka signal that slowly ramps up for about 1/2 mile then drops. I can’t seem to spot the source so I can’t confirm what it is. I don’t think any houses are close enough for a satellite dish to set it...
  12. RRJ

    Blinking dot location in dark mode

    I’ve been looking in the forums to see if anybody else has commented on this, but I’ve seen none. With the R1, I like to go as stealth as possible at night, which means dark mode an no backlights. That makes it critical that I can see the blinking dot in the bottom left corner. When on a...
  13. RRJ

    Confirmed K Band Cashe County UT. K band setting suggestions?

    Confirmed a c/o K band use in Cache County UT tonight. Was on 24.158. That’s disappointing because I was hoping to be able to turn K off on the R1 due to the door and BSM falses. With that in mind are there suggested K filters I’m safe to run? I tried 70% sensitivity running K wide and had...
  14. RRJ

    Blitz I15 Between Willard and Brigham City, UT

    It looks like ther UHP is doing some sort of enforcement blitz between Willard and Brigham City, UT 12/26 around noon. Waze is lighting up with a bunch of blue dots and I went out for a look. I caught one whiff or KA, but it appears most is LIDAR. The LEOs I’ve seen free were parked crossways...
  15. RRJ

    New from Utah

    Hey, I’m new here so I’m learning as much as possible. I ran a radar detector from about ‘86 to ‘94. After returning to a little quicker car, I’m seeing that a return to having a radar detector is in my best interest. Santa just delivered an R1 to be opened on Christmas Day. I’ll be looking...