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  1. Grumpy Old Goat

    RDR & BS? not on a V-1, it's 'Ka Guard' and now . . . . . . . Ka Tuning

    BS; as in Band Segmentation, is a Brand Specific term(and process). Let's leave it that way RDR; Radar Detector Rejection, is is a Brand Specific term(and process). Let's leave it that way Ka Guard is a Brand Specific Term(and process). I don't see any efforts to expand on it What remains...
  2. Grumpy Old Goat

    All-Band Laser & Radar Detector w/ SPECTRE RDD I Cloaking Technology - $24.99

    Invisibility for a Quarter !! now that's value "Detects all currently-available X, K, Ka band and laser signals and is undetectable to law enforcements agents with its patented SPECTRE RDD I cloaking technology. With the EW-5005 you will always be aware of potential road hazards, such as...
  3. Grumpy Old Goat

    Valentine One rated 10 out of 11; bested by a Whistler and TWO Cobras

    Stupidity, corruption or greed? Note how the 'feature list' tends to be Belscort friendly. Did you know that the Whistler-XTR-695SE has Auto Learn? Did you know that the V-1 lacks a "Multiple Threat Display"? Sheesh Radar Detectors Review 2012 | Best Radar Detectors | Laser Radar...
  4. Grumpy Old Goat

    Early Warning Radar Detector With 22 Frequency Detection - $29.99

    Early Warning Radar Detector With 22 Frequency Detection and 360-Degree Laser Protection! List Price: $179.99 Savings: (83%) -$150.00 Our Price: $29.99 images/imgimported/2011/12/1.jpg?1323719444 What'r the chances it sets off other detectors ?
  5. Grumpy Old Goat

    Washington? Oregon?

    How does a section titled Pacific not include the Pacific Northwest ? Should we expect a separate section for Washington and Oregon ? If a moderator is needed, I volunteer
  6. Grumpy Old Goat

    UPS delivers RX-65 refurb - great service from the ebay store

    YAY! I powered it and all seems well. the FCC ID shows S7. Did the reset and got a flash of 4.5 on the display. Scrolled thru all the features. Set Display to Tech and Ka to USA. Sometimes, when exiting preferences, the V-1 gives a couple X-band squaks. Neither alerts to the presence of the...
  7. Grumpy Old Goat

    Ordered a BELCTONICS RX65 (it's a typo, but not mine)

    I finally decided to gamble on a refurb RX65 from the escortradar ebay store. Confirmed that it is an S7 model for $199 14 days to see how usable is that bad RampUp. 6-month warranty. I was perusing the Bel site. A typo is one thing, but when the company name is mis-spelled on it's own site...
  8. Grumpy Old Goat

    Valentine One start-up sequence; What does it mean ?

    V-1 startup display sequences: (after it stops squawking - software versions up to 3.872 - North America only) the sequence P o P is displayed, then Mode Indication- - - - -Factory -All bands are active; no AutoMute has been configured - - - i-Default -POP is ENABLED- -...
  9. Grumpy Old Goat

    V-1; nice warning of prowling slick-top Crown Vick

    MPH 33.8 interesting V-1 activity at the end
  10. Grumpy Old Goat

    Valentine One Programming Reference Sheet (printer friendly)

    up to Ver 3.872 - <--- Click Here up to Ver 3.893 - <-- or Here Keep one in your car Click here to get your V-1 software version mww" . . . . . . . . Press and immediately release the Control Knob to exit software-version display" and enter Programming mode For a complete explanation...
  11. Grumpy Old Goat

    New to The Forum

    but not new to counter-measures. When I bought my first detector; a Fuzzbuster (looked like a microwave oven sitting on the dash), there was ONE radar source in my neighborhood: an original Quickie-Mart, owned by the stereotypical foreigner portrayed in The Simpsons, that took me a week to...