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  1. studio1930

    Motorcycle TPX Lidar (2019) kill options

    Some have asked about the kill options for the new 2019 Adaptiv TPX jammers, so I thought I would make a quick post and share my findings. The TPX system has two settings for the jammer timer: Auto-kill in 3 seconds Jam while signal is present (testing mode) The system was designed with...
  2. studio1930

    Motorcycle TPX - Corner Tests VIDEO

    Setup: System: Adaptiv TPX (2019) 2 head front, 1 head rear Front heads handlebar mounted on brake and clutch reservoirs, rear head mounted above the license plate Front heads are 45" from the ground and 19.5" apart The rear head is 23" from the ground Motorcycle: 2018 Ducati XDiavel (Not the...
  3. studio1930

    Motorcycle TPX vs DEC VIDEOS

    Setup: System: Adaptiv TPX (2019) 2 head front, 1 head rear Front heads handlebar mounted on brake and clutch reservoirs, rear head mounted above the license plate Front heads are 45" from the ground and 19.5" apart The rear head is 23" from the ground...
  4. studio1930

    TPX heads aligned - VIDEO

    I knew that my TPX heads on my motorcycle were not aligned, so I broke out the infrared camera and used some visible lasers to align them. I have not re-tested since the alignment, but I certainly will (especially the DEC). I also included a shot of the heads as they transmit which some of you...
  5. studio1930

    TPX vs TSS tested - VIDEO

    I wanted to do a quick video of some testing I did with a TrueSpeed s (TSS) and the Adaptiv TPX sensors. Mods, elevate as necessary. Setup: TPX 2 head front, 1 head rear. (will post install pictures later) Motorcycle: Ducati XDiavel (Not the Diavel) The course was 1600 feet with a large hill...
  6. studio1930

    TPX Laser Jammers Tested - sort of

    I received my TPX laser jammers today and I quickly installed them on a 2019 Spyder F3s. One of these: I threw all of the guts in the front trunk, stuck in a spare motorcycle battery, and quickly VHB taped the heads to the front. No leveling. No aiming. One was toed out and down while the...
  7. studio1930

    R3 on a Ducati - Video

    Here is a quick video of my Ducati Xdiavel with a Uniden R3 mounted on the clutch reservoir via 150 mph velcro and nothing else. I have tested it at 150 and it works just fine. Keeping it mounted flush with the reservoir makes it hard to spot (not impossible) which I like. Velcro means it is...
  8. studio1930

    RCM - deeply hidden 90-deg off-axis 34.7

  9. studio1930

    MassDrop delivers R3

    Yep, it arrived today. Thank you Massdrop.
  10. studio1930

    Radenso Pro M Ka 34.7 video

    Just a quick video of the local PD running some Ka 34.7. They like to sit at the bottom of this hill and run handheld units and shoot both sides of the traffic. At the start of the video it appears that he is shooting away from me and then shoots at me as I get near him. He then starts...
  11. studio1930

    Radenso Pro M testing BSM filters

    Found a nice Pacifica with a BSM light in the mirror so I followed it for some time. Pro M US8 running K wide and TSR low in Highway mode. Not a single beep. Radenso is doing a great job filtering these troublemakers out.
  12. studio1930

    Pro M / RCM Ka Filters Tested 33.8

    I wanted to test the Ka filters with Ka 33.8 to see how well the Radenso Pro M and RCM did and to see if it reduced the range in an off-axis, real-world scenario. Here are my findings. Gun: MPH Bee 36 with a Ka 33.8 antenna mounted in the center of the rear window of a Honda Accord. Course...
  13. studio1930

    Radenso RCM 34.7 detection

    A typical Radenso RCM 34.7 detection in rolling hills.
  14. studio1930

    RCM K TSR tests

    After seeing the odd results for TSR testing from Vortex, I decided to go out and re-test my RCM installation. His results did not match any of my previous (nearly 100) tests, and I wanted to make sure my installation was solid against K band with TSR on high. Here are my results. Notes: City...
  15. studio1930

    Passive Traffic Sensors

    How many traffic sensors out there are passive vs active? I see lots of horizontally mounted (shoots sideways instead of at traffic) traffic sensors and I wonder if these are all passive accoustic sensors that won't trigger radar detectors.
  16. studio1930

    RC-M US Firm Mute Bug

    It appears that the recent US firmware release has a mute bug. When below the set speed, alerts are not muted when in City or Hwy mode. They do properly mute when in Auto-City mode. Slowly testing this new firmware and looking for bug. I will say that this is a nice version for the RC-M and...
  17. studio1930

    RC-M to ALP cable?

    I went to connect the Radenso RC-M controller to the ALP controller and found that the Radenso unit has an RJ45 slot and the ALP has a 4 pin slot that looks like an RJ11 or slightly larger. Does anyone know what cable we need to connect these? I can make my own if they are RJ45 and RJ11 if I...
  18. studio1930

    RC-M US Firmware Ka 34.7

    A nice detection in slight rolling hills. This is the new US firmware on the Radenso RC-M running Ka narrow with the Ka filter set to "Normal" rather than "Off". --- Post updated --- Here is the off axis version of this encounter.
  19. studio1930

    Tested - Antenna behind bumper

    I had a new bumper painted and installed on my Jeep since the factory screwed up the original upon delivery. I took the opportunity to remove my Radenso RC-M antenna and test it externally (in the open air) and then internally behind the bumper. I wanted to know if the bumper was reducing the...
  20. studio1930

    LNAs and Temperatures

    How are LNAs affected by temperature? For example, how is a remote mount Radenso RC-M or Net Radar affected in the winter vs summer (assumed mounted outside the vehicle)? Do remote antennas (or regular detectors for that matter) adjust their readings according to an internal (board) temperature?