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  1. studio1930

    LED warning lights DIY

    I have 5 motorcycles (6th soon) and I have an SM10 for each since I hide them and hate to remove them. I just picked up two more SM10s on eBay for $50 each (one new and one slightly used). The SR10 (I own one of them) is waaay bigger than the SM10.
  2. studio1930

    LED warning lights DIY

    I use the Sena SM10 BT module that xmits to my Sena SLRII built into my Shoei helmet.
  3. studio1930

    New death machine time - looking for buying tips

    Nice looking bike. I like the non-standard coloring. Time to start wiring up protection.
  4. studio1930

    Motorcycle Power Options

    I have both Eastern Beaver stuff (very nice) and a few motorcycles with a ThunderBox from Heal Tech. I like the ThunderBox setup. Very easy to use and saves your battery. -S1930
  5. studio1930

    LED warning lights DIY

    I have that light on my Ducati XDiavel for my parking sensors, but I have not tried to convert it for my R3 detector. I use Bluetooth to send the sound from the R3 to my helmet. Most of the time, I black out my R3 lights (especially at night) with only the control buttons lit to let me know it...
  6. studio1930

    Great, now motorcycles will be made with BSM

    I am happy to see motorcycles getting BSM and adaptive technology! My Ducati XDiavel has cruise control, and I love it. It allows me to use my right had to fix things while riding (like my helmet or glove...). It also allows me to prevent arm pump on longer rides. The issue isn't the BSMs...
  7. studio1930

    Looking for bluetooth transmitter compatible with sena multipoint

    I have the Sena SM10 and SR10. Both are ugly and have their quirks, but they do work well. I don't know of anything else that comes close. I hide them out of sight on all five of my bikes. -S1930
  8. studio1930

    R3 on a Ducati - Video

    I use a Sena SM10 to my helmet that has a Sena BT headset (SRL2), although the SM10 will connect to other headsets too.
  9. studio1930

    My TPX review

    I just found this thread, so I'll add my comments. I had a leaky head as well and Adaptiv RMA'd it for me. I also had the sound issue when trying to use a Sena SM10. I found the solution (after trying many cables, batteries, swapping Sena boards, connector adaptors, and several headsets). If...
  10. studio1930

    Visiting Adaptiv

    LOL, I fixed that issue with black electrical tape. I figured out how much to tape off (tested during day and night for a few months), so now I need to remove the tape and paint that area flat black. I think I left about 1/50th of the area open since that light is craaaaazy bright. They know...
  11. studio1930

    New TPX update

    I have not updated yet, but I did download the file. I have to pull the tank off partially for my Ducati since I didn't leave a USB pigtail (not much room on the Ducati). I hope to update it this weekend. I'll test it with my guns and with parking mode once I do. I asked Adaptiv how I can...
  12. studio1930

    Ducati multistrada head placement

    Get it as wide as possible with two heads. You may need to build a mounting platform. Sugru? I mounted two very wide (cruiser) on the handlebars. Some results:
  13. studio1930

    New TPX update

    LOL, I just emailed them today as well.
  14. studio1930

    The Radenso Escort discussion thread

    :banme: :unamusedpopcorn:
  15. studio1930

    Theia and Motorcycle Use

    I would not imagine that Theia will be weatherproof enough to handle a motorcycle any more than current detectors (just guessing based on the target audience). I use a couple of Uniden R3 detectors on several of my motorcycles, and they have held up pretty well, but I don't ride in bad weather...
  16. studio1930

    Introducing Radenso Theia powered by Rai (Video Links and FAQ on first page)

    Great info in this video! Highlights from Rob: "The AI has no concept of frequency." "If a police gun fired a BSM signal, it would look like a police gun playing back a BSM signal. What we are training on are the electronics in the transmitter, not the signal itself." "The frequency...
  17. studio1930

    Introducing Radenso Theia powered by Rai (Video Links and FAQ on first page)

    Selective quote. The "you" was referring to people/humans, not you personally. The rest of my statements in that post clearly state my opinion based on what I would like for me. Not sure why you want to pick a fight, @Riptide :thumbsdown:
  18. studio1930

    Introducing Radenso Theia powered by Rai (Video Links and FAQ on first page)

    I know. That is why I used the first person. :bravo2:
  19. studio1930

    Introducing Radenso Theia powered by Rai (Video Links and FAQ on first page)

    LOL, frequency only matters if you are trying to determine the validity of the alert. If the detector says that it is detecting a known police radar gun, then I don't care about anything else. Current detectors require the driver to determine the validity of the alert, which is why they show...