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  1. ahl395

    Alerts suddenly stuck on right side of screen

    Any ideas? Suddenly all my alerts are stuck on the right side of the screen. No changes were made that I know of. I've tried uninstalling, reverting to factory settings, etc. Thanks in advance!
  2. ahl395

    Dual detector setup to V1 G2

    Hey guys, haven't been active here in quite some time and have fallen out of the loop. I've been running a 9500ci + V1 combo for a few years. Most of my knowledge is from when the 9500ci and Redline were still the king of range. Now that I see the new V1 G2 has come out. Based on the testing...
  3. ahl395

    Feature request: Swap front/rear arrows

    @johnboy00 Is there any way you could add in an option to swap the front and rear arrows for alerts? I run my V1 on the rear windshield so If I want to use the stock windshield mount, my arrows will be opposite. Thank you in advance
  4. ahl395

    Interest in LIDAR Testing Meet in West Virginia?

    Hey guys, I am coordinating with another member @AJJ to do some LIDAR testing and figured I'd see if there was any interest in other members attending and making it a small "meet". It will be on a weekend, most likely 3/24 or 3/25. I am still scouting locations but believe I found a good...
  5. ahl395

    V1C vs V1C LE ?

    If I use Android and only Android, is there any difference between the Android V1C and the V1C LE? Thanks guys.
  6. ahl395

    Possible for ALP to trigger a relay?

    Hi all I remember reading awhile back that the ALP could not trigger a regular 12V relay. Not sure if anything has changed or if anyone has figured out a way to do so. I want to wire a relay so that my aftermarket sound system has power during no alert, and then the relay cuts power to my...
  7. ahl395

    V1 Measurements

    Hello all I took all the exact measurements of my V1 today to assist a5owner in making an enclosure for the Valentine. I figured the info could probably be useful to someone else and it took a little time to measure it all exactly so it should save someone some time :D All measurements are in...
  8. ahl395

    Looking to get ALPs tested in NJ area

    I purchased my ALPs and plan on installing them this week or next week and am looking for someone who can help me with testing them. Hopefully someone in NJ is available, if not I'll have to make the drive to PA/NY/etc. Should have the install done within a week, so am looking to get tested...
  9. ahl395

    STI-R mounted right next to ALP head?

    Hi all, I'm trying to plan out my upcoming countermeasure upgrade. The picture below is my plan for mounting, I am curious if mounting the STI-R head right below the ALP sensor will hurt either of their performance. Since here in NJ a front plate is required, I dont really have anywhere else...
  10. ahl395

    Saw a new tactic used by the NJSP tonight

    Driving on the Garden State Parkway tonight I saw a tactic being used by the NJSP that I haven't seen before. They had a marked (surprised it wasn't unmarked) car parked on the shoulder like a disabled car with all lights off. Since it was about 9pm it was completely dark and the only thing...
  11. ahl395

    DIY Custom Mount to Stick RD onto Black Windshield Dots (Step by Step Guide w/Pics)

    Hey everyone I was determined to mount my radar detector onto the infamous black dots, but like everyone knows suction cups don't quite agree with them. For the longest time i mounted my RD to the upper right side of my RVM, to the right of the dots. But just recently I realized that doing so...
  12. ahl395

    V1 + V1C + Concealed Display - How to hook up

    Hi all I just purchased a V1, V1C, and Concealed Display. I plan to directly wire it, but looking at the manuals it looks like this combination is not possible. Since there is only one Acc port on the direct wire adapter, and neither the V1C or CD have both an in and out, it looks like there's...
  13. ahl395

    NJSP Laser Guns

    Hey all I was wondering what laser guns people have seen the NJSP using prevalently out in the wild? I checked the RDFGS and it lists just about every gun for NJ, I was just wondering what guns people have actually seen used and how often out on the road. Thanks in advance everyone.
  14. ahl395

    Veil or Matte Black Plastidip on grille?

    Hi everyone I was wondering if it would be best to use Veil or a matte black coat of plastidip on my small chrome grille. Here is a pic of the front of the car. As you can see there is a small thin, but chrome trim around the grille, and the Hyundai logo. I know it is small but since I am...
  15. ahl395

    How effective will one jammer be on the rear of a vehicle?

    Hi everyone I'm picking out a setup for my car, I've narrowed it down to the LI's but I'm unsure of how many jammer heads to get. I do want rear protection as I am fairly certain I have seen rear-aimed laser used before around my area. But the cost of quad setups are a bit over my budget. I...
  16. ahl395

    Laser Jammer placement and Laser Interceptor vs. HP-905

    Hi everyone, this will be my first post here. I have two questions... 1. Comparing the Blinder HP-905 to the Laser Interceptors. I've read a few reviews where they peg them as the same performance level, but I've noticed the general consensus on forums I've read do regard the LI as the best...
  17. ahl395

    New to the forum from New Jersey!

    Hi all! I've been lurking for awhile reading and getting some info, and now I'm registering to get some personal help, hopefully I'll be able to help as well eventually!