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  1. M42

    I'm Curious About Cobra Falses

    Deleted Request deleted.
  2. M42

    Happy Canada Day

    Best wishes to all our countermeasure friends north of the border on Canada Day!
  3. M42

    LEO's Reading Detector Forums

    I was wondering whether LEO's ever bothered to read our forums and about what types of counter measures we take - detectors, jammers, use of rabbits, etc. So, on a slow day I Googled the subject and lo and behold came across a thread where this comment was made: It's found here...
  4. M42

    Max Day Two - The Good News And The Bad News

    On my second day with the Max I was able to take it on a longer trip. What I learned on this trip was both good news and bad news. Let's get the bad news out of the way first. BAD NEWS: Falsing. I've experienced too much falsing for my taste and on all bands. As I posted elsewhere the Max...
  5. M42

    Received Replacement Max Today - Initial Thoughts

    As the heading says the replacement for my DOA Max arrived today. I'm looking forward to the long drive to one of our offices tomorrow with the hopes that my favorite trooper is set up in his ambush nest. The 9500ix and V1 alert at the same place and I'm curious to see how the Max does. I did...
  6. M42

    Max Came Today - DOA

    That's right. Received my Passport Max right before lunch. I opened the box, peeled off all the wrapping and got ready to take it for a test run using standard settings. Turned on WAZE to see if there were any reported speed traps and lo and behold my locals were set up in one of their...
  7. M42

    Greetings From Area 51

    That's all I'm allowed to disclose or they'll water board me :p