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  1. Grumpy Old Goat

    Unmuting at 6 lights not working?

    How do you know it was 34.7 ? Basic programming won't mute Ka. Does K-band normally unmute at 30 seconds ? perhaps this Cheat Sheet is easier to understand you might consider starting over with a reset
  2. Grumpy Old Goat

    Mobile speed unites in school zones

    I'm not so clear on how the school zones are 'united'. Is this a new technique ?
  3. Grumpy Old Goat

    Max - Initial Power On - Delayed Alerting

    a detector is a computer and as such, it lies just because is says (displays) "I'm here to cover your ass" doesn't mean it's actually finished its' POST. what you described isn't a real world encounter, merely a peculiarity
  4. Grumpy Old Goat

    Not this guy

    quite readily and, make that all COPs
  5. Grumpy Old Goat

    Not this guy

    cool story Flipping open a wallet with a fake badge isn't impersonating a COP. Fraud, perhaps; impersonation, no. Following through, and acting like a COP with some display of authority, is an entirely different matter.
  6. Grumpy Old Goat

    Powering V1 and V1C on battery

    Re: V1 powered by replaceable battery? batteries BAD; hardwire GOOD
  7. Grumpy Old Goat

    Favorite Radar Detector 'Beep'

    My fav would be the V-1's Dee-DEET when alerting to another signal; especially when it reveals a COP hiding in the shadow of a routine(known) false.
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    band 6 save on segmented RL

    Any Radar Detector has NO STANDING in ANY Court. You may actually hear laughter coming from the prosecution table; now that you have compromised your innocence by admitting to the Judge you use a detector, in a failed effort to out geek the process In order to gain "standing", a detector...
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    Hi, new guy from WA

    Welcome to The Forum
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    Hello From Oregon

    Welcome to the Forum I lived in Oregon for 10 years, until this spring. Portland has Red Light and Speed cameras, but OSP uses motorcycle deployed LIDAR on any of the interstates during rush-hour. Milwaukie has a rather infamous Photo Van; along with somewhat aggressive enforcement along...
  11. Grumpy Old Goat

    Considering a new radar detector. which one for my driving?

    Both Escort and VR offer a generous 30-day return policy; consider taking advantage of it. Tell Dad you are leaning towards the Redline yet would consider the less expensive V-1; but you'd like to try it first. I'd be willing to bet he'll like the idea of the arrows and the ability to...
  12. Grumpy Old Goat

    Valentine gone bad !

    Python III Operating modes and speed ranges: . . . . .The basic Python Series III is equipped with stationary mode and opposite-direction moving mode software. As an option, you may purchase the “FS” version of the radar, which adds fastest vehicle mode and same direction moving mode. . . . ...
  13. Grumpy Old Goat

    Stinger VIP user experience

    very cool I hope they intend to mass-produce and get the price down
  14. Grumpy Old Goat

    Stinger VIP user experience

    so SHARE already sounds like you have a lot of experience with this technology so why make wait us to hear of your experiences ? I am very curious, and anxious, to learn about how it behaves in real world situations yes, there's animo :cool:
  15. Grumpy Old Goat

    Concerned About Running Your Laser Jammer in Texas?

    The idea that jamming LIDAR(or radar) would only fall under the jurisdiction of DMV, DOT, etc. rather misses the point. As an abstract example; firing a handgun at another moving vehicle would result in additional charges not related to DMV statutes. But to the point, in this case Texas...
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    New to RDF

    Welcome to The Forum click the link Cheat Sheet in my sig below
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    how to properly mount?

    the only good feature of the standared Belscort mount is that it can easily be 'modified' to accomidate an off-center windshield mounting
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    New Old Guy

    Welcome to The Forum
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    K Band, the bane of my existence

    I don't have one so I don't know, but doesn't the venerable STiR-Plus provide a 'quiet ride' ? "The STiR's GPS powered technology provides permanent relief from false alarms including automatic door openers, motion sensors and other radar-based sensors." or is that just marketing hype ...
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    Welcome to The Forum Will this be your first detector ? Where abouts are you located ?