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  1. terminator0723

    Is it worth keeping an R7 with missing accessories?

    So I finally found me a used R7 on Amazon. Was supposed to be like new. The radar detector got here and the power cord, window mount, and suction cups were missing. I paid $360 before taxes when the prices were bouncing up and down.. The window mount with the two suction cups doesn't look...
  2. terminator0723

    Opinion: R7 vs 360

    Given the current updates and the soon expected update for the R7, if you had to choose between the Escort Max 360(not C nor Redline) and the R7 today, which would you pick and why? Please exclude brand loyalty lol.
  3. terminator0723

    Max 360 Serial Number Difference

    I'm seeing on here that there are two different versions of the Max 360, one with classic bluetooth and one with low power bluetooth. What's the difference between these two? Does one work better than other? Is one more desirable than the other? Do you notice a bluetooth difference between the...
  4. terminator0723

    Used RD prices

    I'm looking to upgrade my RD from my Escort 8500 X50 to either the R3, R7, or the Max 360. I like the R3, but the arrows would be nice of the R7. I like Escort Live, but the range on the Unidens destroys the Escort. As you can see, I can't really decide which one to go after just based on...
  5. terminator0723

    Newbie... Sort of

    Hello! Sliding my way back into the the RD game after being away for a few years.. College depleted my piggy bank lol. Currently still running and old Escort Passport 8500 X50. I really only use it for long trips anymore. I've been lurking a bit, and probably going to by a 360 (not c), r3, or...