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  1. Cannonf600

    Update available for the V1 connection app.

    Update for V1 connection.
  2. Cannonf600

    V1 connection update for Android.

    V1 connection app for Android has been updated for V1g2 ,check the play store.
  3. Cannonf600

    R1 turning itself off.

    I have a R1 that I purchased January 18 2019 that started turning itself off last night. I have it hardwired to my car and it powers itself on with the ignition in run.It ran it's test sequence last night, and I was driving and looked up and it was off. I unplugged it,plugged it back in and it...
  4. Cannonf600

    Redline Original Smartcord

    Does anyone have the older style Smartcord they would like to sell or know where I can find one? I have a Redline O with a 2012 build date and would like to install the RDR/BS update through Escort Live.
  5. Cannonf600

    Hello from Tennessee

    I have been interested in countermeasures from a young age when friends had a original Fuzzbuster than a Fuzzbuster 2(my dad said he would never own one and could not understand why I was so interested in them)They owned a trucking company and I used to join them on over the road trips. As soon...