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  1. Tb12

    ALP GPS location - a pillar window?

    Currently have my GPS tucked under the dash (basically just behind the A pillar, it gets covered by the door when it's closed) and getting some slow lock-in and slow response to speed. So, time to move it. The easiest, lowest impact (stealth-wise) location while still leaving it exposed on the...
  2. Tb12

    Odd Pro-M settings loss

    Was driving the other day and heard "user area"... Wait, what? I've never set up any of those. Ignored it for a couple days, but in further investigation it looks like all of my settings changed (and not to factory defaults). Worst part is it turned off K and Ka detection! Wtf! Luckily no...
  3. Tb12

    Blackvue Dr750S-2ch resetting?

    Two maybe related problems. When I say reset, I mean the cam audibly says "resetting" then "starting normal recording", not just a gap in footage. Obviously, no Dashcam footage of the issue :hmm: 1st is that one new (<3 month old) 128gB SanDisk high endurance that resets constantly. It seems...
  4. Tb12

    Summing up the teases...

    And my best guesses on what the teases mean Cheers - leaves a gap for a new "game changer". Implying their next Rd isn't just another new detector. Click. - Legos, makes me think one of two things: detachable display, or modular system (maybe integration with ALP, or optional rear horn, or a...
  5. Tb12

    Had some tire squealing fun this weekend

    Need to clean the lens and windshield apparently though, ugh! Second autoX event I've done (although this one wasn't a competitive event), think I'm driving decently well considering. Definitely some more time to be had as I figure out the limits a bit more.
  6. Tb12

    Thoughts on OEM+ spoiler for Golf R?

    Using the OEM GTI TCR lip spoiler (Europe only). My car is red for reference, no black roof tho. Photos below are of the TCR. I'm sure it won't do much for aerodynamics, but the back of the R is so ****ing plain I want a little something to make it sportier. Only downside is because...
  7. Tb12

    Laser heads and PPF

    Has anybody done testing with XPel ultimate or similar over their jammer heads? With the crazy amount of dirt, rocks, and salt getting kicked up on our roads I wonder if I could save some sensor life by wrapping the heads. Just not sure what their IR transmissivity is...
  8. Tb12

    ALP RX too close? (with TX)

    So my preferred location (blue below) for my RX heads isn't going to work - just can't get a stealth install without tucking the heads too deeply (and hacking up the grill more than I want to), so I'm moving onto plan B (yellow). Only question is, are they too close together? I have a TX head...
  9. Tb12

    Hiding ALP CPU

    Where is everybody mounting their ALP CPU? In between buried deep in the dash (requires a lot of disassembly to get to but a fair amount of room and we'll hidden), in the blank DoubleDIN space behind my screen-only head unit (easier to get to, still in the dash), or under the driver's seat...
  10. Tb12

    Stationary but intermittent KA false?

    Seen a KA false a couple times now in exactly the same place (woods on one side, houses set a bit back from the road in the other). Same exact place each time, but 90% of the time it's not there. Only 2-3 bars on my Pro-M, alert is only 50 yards long or so. Any ideas? Only thing I can think of...
  11. Tb12

    Took the Golf R autocrossing

    First time so I'm sure there's a lot more speed to be had, but it was a hoot either way.
  12. Tb12

    Laser testing near Boston?

    Anybody doing laser testing near Boston these days? Especially DE... Didn't see anybody active on the list with one. I'm not going to be ready for a month or so but would like to make sure I'm protected when I am!
  13. Tb12

    DE jamming only working from one rear head?

    Doing bench testing before I install, and found an odd behavior. Only one of the rear heads responds appropriately to DE. Seems to work fine for every other gun (using the ALP laser tester). The app shows the hit, but rather than hearing a fast click from the CPU, I only hear a slow click. The...
  14. Tb12

    ALP Hifi Keypad pinout for switches

    Planning on adding some integrated switches to my ALP hifi, and hoping to do so without hacking up my hifi controller cable. Luckily, since it's RJ45, extensions are readily available and I can hack up one of those instead :) Some quick poking around shows that the menu button shorts the green...
  15. Tb12

    Mk7 Golf R placement suggestions (And should I install the triple, or buy a TX?)

    Hey All, Have a new-to-me ALP Triple on the way, so need some placement suggestions. Car is in MA, will be driven almost entirely in New England (NH, CT, VT mainly, maybe the occasional trip to ME, RI, or NY). I've heard there's a little DE in MA? So, will 3x RX protect me adequately, or should...
  16. Tb12

    A few local Middlesex county MA lidars added to RDFGS

    Just a heads up. Did some Twitter digging and found some photos. Medford: LTI TruCam Belmont - Truspeed S Dover: LTI Ultralyte 20/20
  17. Tb12

    ALP heads and pressure washers?

    I use a pressure washer for normal washes about every 2 weeks. In the winter, I'll use either commercial coin op pressure washers or touchless washes (read: foam and pressure wash) to get the salt off. Am I going to be killing heads doing this? I can print some protective covers if necessary...
  18. Tb12

    Hiding a TX sensor on a Mk7 Golf R

    VW didn't help out in terms of sensor placement - there's a giant VW logo that dominates the upper grill. The best option I've seen (thanks to @edconline and @notblake ) has been putting it just to one side of the logo, but because of how far out the logo sticks, you have to out the sensor WAY...
  19. Tb12

    BMW Experience Autocross

    Fun 90 minutes if one is near you. Get to rag on a new 330i M performance pack for free. This lap was good enough for 2nd out of the group of 27-30 drivers. That back right corner was SUPER slick so I was a bit conservative, more than I needed to be.
  20. Tb12

    Tis the season

    For summer tires to go back on. Finally! A whole new setup for me this year, downsizing to 18s from the stock 19s to deal with the TERRIBLE roads around here. VMR V810 Flowform with Michelin PS4S.