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  1. Cannonf600

    2.9.0 released

    Updated and tried it out this morning, loving the new layout! Thank you johnboy00, this is by far my favorite app...that just keeps getting better!
  2. Cannonf600

    [Poll] R7 FW135...Are the arrows too slow?

    Yes, K-band is worse than KA for me. 133 arrows worked nearly as good as my V1G2.
  3. Cannonf600

    DC Fluid's Part 2: K Band & Ka R7 F135 vs F133 (and Max 360 too)

    Thank you for all your time,$$ and effort into testing. I want the best K range from a dash mount RD and my year or so old V1G2 with it's current firmware isn't it. I got a R7 and have been running it all week. I updated it 135 with TSF and K filter on before using it and so far I'm enjoying...
  4. Cannonf600

    RL360c vs V1 Gen2 vs R7 BSM filtering

    Absolutely there is K-band in TN but it is extremely rare on any of the major interstates like I24,I 65 or I40. A lot of local LEO'S and Sheriffs departments have K but they don't patrol the interstates. I have detected K on the interstates from locals and the Sheriffs department but they...
  5. Cannonf600

    [Poll] Best R7 K Band Sensitivity Setting

    Keep us posted how the R7 is performing against your PSP K-band. I know they only use K, mostly I/O and and have low power guns.
  6. Cannonf600

    Redline 360c Firmware v1.6 Release

    Back to V1G2?
  7. Cannonf600

    Thinking of upgrading to a V1G2

    I was one of the first to take delivery of a V1G2 in early March 2020. I came from a a R1,Redline and a 10 year old V1G1 before that. On all KA bands the V1G2 is a beast and I have numerous saves with it. I am running JBV1 and it's the complete package. Now K band is another story especially...
  8. Cannonf600

    V1G2 Mid December Upgrade now available

    Pair V1G2 to your phone and check the frequency when you get a alert and visually confirm it is a LEO. It should be: K-band near 24.125 or 24.150 KA-band near 33.8, 34.7 or 35.5 1611782731
  9. Cannonf600

    Update available for the V1 connection app.

    Update for V1 connection.
  10. Cannonf600

    New Car Dealer Says No To Install

    I have helped several friends with hardwiring radar detectors and other accessories. On newer vehicles the easiest and safest place to connect to is a power point. This will not void any warranty and provides fused protection. The body control module on most newer vehicles will time out and...
  11. Cannonf600

    2.5.9 released

    Thank you JB for all your hard work your app is awesome!
  12. Cannonf600

    Mirror trouble with 2017 Lincoln MKC

    Sorry I didn't see this earlier and reply with the wire color and circuit information. I have worked for the blueoval for 30+ years.
  13. Cannonf600

    When is the next VR firmware update?

    I'm in,update complete. On my note 10+ it said "update failed" after it completed....however, after hitting the back button on my phone it said "update successful" Ready for some road testing...
  14. Cannonf600

    When is the next VR firmware update?

    I am also getting 33.8 false alerts at times. I know it's not a LEO because 33.8 is not used in my area. Sometimes it gets J'ed out but most of the it doesn't.
  15. Cannonf600

    4.1021 Now Available

    Had a nice K-band moto encounter yesterday on 4.021 "A" mode. The G2 sniffed him at 1.3 miles and held on to the signal for .5 miles from the rear. Don't know it was a Raptor RP-1 that I have seen on several of my local moto's @ 24.130 or not,but still seemed to be the longest K-band detection...
  16. Cannonf600

    V1 Perm Mount on Ebay...experience?

    I have had one that I have been using with my G2 for almost 9 months now and I really like it. I bought because I wanted it mounted at the top of my windshield and the suction cups wouldn't stick to the surface (dots on the glass near the rear view mirror).
  17. Cannonf600

    4.1021 Now Available

    Absolutely! A mode for me over 30 mph, the V1G2 already has marginal range on K-band. To it's credit the motorcycle LEO'S I see on a daily basis, I found out yesterday are running Kustom Raptor RP-1's that seem to be more challenging to detect.
  18. Cannonf600

    4.1021 Now Available

    That's exactly what I was thinking, more and more not just looking like a theory unfortunately. Good call on holding off on updating.
  19. Cannonf600

    4.1021 Now Available

    Short drive on back roads and a newer Honda minivan was stopped at a stop sign and I was turning right. G2 went nuts with 8 boggies.