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    South Florida Drive

    1609169182 Thank you very helpful.
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    South Florida Drive

    Going to Ft. Lauderdale, is it best to take the Turnpike or I95 with regards to avoiding speed traps and heavy traffic. Also will I encounter Lidar in South Florida ?
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    Lidar Gun

    Got it Ty for the advice and info, much appreciated.
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    Lidar Gun

    Where can I obtain a Lidar gun to test my ALP to make sure they actually jam and are positioned properly. Is there a place which rents them or sells used guns?
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    Punch Through

    1602773274 Got it, thank you. Its a tricky situation.
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    Punch Through

    Not sure if this has been discussed its a basic question. Can I assume if my ALP alters me of Lidar that there is no punch through and that I am successfully jamming the Lidar gun?
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    Virginia raises Reckless Driving threshold to 85 mph

    Now only if we can get NC to do the same. Over 80 and automatic license suspension if you plead guilty. NC Drivers would get screwed getting ticket in out West even for 81 in an 80 mph zone.
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    CPU Died.

    Alp System is exactly 1 year old and all of a sudden it would not power up. I took it to my installer and he tested it and said the CPU failed to work even though there was power going to it. Anyone else have this problem? ITs very expensive to replace the CPU and who is to say that this...
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    80 MPH Zones

    Ty. Utah is my destination in 2 more days. 1592618576 Saw several Troopers In SD. All using 34.7 CO so R7 was doing its job. WY I have only seen I Trooper also CO 34.7. Not pushing my luck and setting the cruise at 82 as there are no rabbits and Waze in nonexistent. Traffic is extremely...
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    80 MPH Zones

    Ty for you insight and reply. Its the first time I have seen State Troopers in Pickup Trucks as well.
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    80 MPH Zones

    Currently I am in SD and will be traveling through WY, UT & ID where the speed limit is 80 MPH. I would like to know what the tolerance is with regards to State Troopers pulling you over. I am armed with my R7 and its performing well in SD. Dont have my ALPs as I am not in my personal...
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    CT State Police

    what is the weapon of choice for CT State police/highway patrol. I have been through CT several time in the last year and have yet to pick up a KA band signal on my R7 despite passing several Troopers. Do they use Lidar exclusively? I drive a rental car to CT so can't take advantage of my ALPS.
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    NC ALP Installation

    Anyone know of a GOOD ALP installer in NC. Need to reinstall my system from my current vehicle into a new vehicle.
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    Greensboro Police.

    70 degrees today and have seen 3 Moto cops with hand held radar 34.7 Lawndale Dr and also ran into marked car running 35.5 IO on New Garden Rd. this am.
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    I was driving on I85 Northbound in Atlanta a few miles North of Jimmy Carter Blvd in the Peach Pass Lane. ALPs alerted me to Poliscan. I didn't see any Leos neither did my passenger. What sort of Lidar is Poliscan?
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    Recommendations for Eastern NC

    If you are planning to Travel on I85/I40 between Raleigh and Greensboro its mostly Lidar. Also I77 around Charlotte is Lidar now.
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    ALP GPS Question

    1573429296 My installer did place in in the dash and told me it would work fine. I will have him move it to an unobstructed location. It’s on the side where the door meets the dash. I will have to move to an unobstructed location.
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    ALP GPS Question

    Recently installed Alps with TX heads and GPS. Works great however once on the interstate after driving 20mins or so it goes into detection mode and light turns amber. After 3-4 mins goes back to defense mode and keeps doing this sporadically. Is this Normal? Also am I protected when the...
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    Newbie, my first R7 hit was my wife getting pulled!

    Welcome to NC. Lots of laser on I85 between Chapel Hill and Greensboro in Orange Co and around Charlotte. Beware ! Rest of the State is pretty much KA I/O.