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    Group Perspex Buy

    Hello all, I am looking to get some Perspex for my recent install of my ALP. However I am not in need of a whole sheet would anybody be interested in "group" Purchasing some Perspex to bring the cost down for everyone? There would be (6) 12"x12" pieces and I only need one of them.
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    ALP 18 GT Mustang Custom Mounts/Placement

    Hello, I am just looking for some confirmation on my intended install locations on my Mustang. I have seen some other threads about placement on mustangs but they all deal with a TX head in the middle. I'm going to be running 3 RX heads in the front for the time being but down the road I will be...
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    Buying Perspex

    Im trying to find a place to order some Perspex or a place in Lubbock Texas that does Perspex covers for ALP?
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    Lubbock Laser/Radar testing

    Hello, I am about to install an ALP system in my car that already has a Uniden R7. After the install I would like to test the ALP system and R7 just to make sure everything is working as it should. Is there anyone in the area that is able to do some testing in the near future?
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    KA stationary false?

    Hello, For the past couple of days I have ran into a stationary KA alert in my neighborhood. It has happened in the same place for a couple days so I took a couple of rough videos (not sure how to share those on here). In the two videos I drive each direction and I get an alert for KA band...
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    Uniden Hardwire Kit on 18 Mustang

    Hello, I recently got a Uniden R7 and it came with a official Uniden hardwire kit with the mute bottom. I’m looking for recommendations for placement of the mute box. From my preliminary inspection it doesn’t look like the wires will route from the passenger fuse box over to the driver side to...
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    Seeking Recent TMG Test Data

    Has any more testing been done on the TMG? Most recent tests I am finding are in 2019? I dont have alot of dragoneye around me currently but if I move I would like to have some protection and it sounds like TMG has been increasing performance for the dragoneye jamming?
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    Pulled the trigger in Texas.

    Been doing a lot of research and looking through posts on which radar detector to get and decided to go with the R7. Was always interested in radar detectors but wasnt ready to spend the money on one till now. Hoping the auto lock outs come soon to the R7 (I see that it is currently in BETA.)...