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  1. NJRedStingerGT2

    BlackVue DR900X-2CH/CM100LTE review after a few months of ownership

    BlackVue DR900X-2CH/CM100LTE review after a few months of ownership TLDR: Possibly the worst financial investment I’ve ever made on anything car or consumer electronics related Backstory: Approximately six months ago I started shopping for a dashcam set-up. My goal was to not only document...
  2. NJRedStingerGT2

    BlackVue DR900X motion detection issue

    Since I purchased and installed a BlackVue DR900X-2CH/CM100LTE I have had an ongoing problem with false parking mode motion detection alerts. These false alerts only occur during sunrise & sunset transition hours. At other times there are no false alerts. The parking mode motion Sensitivity...
  3. NJRedStingerGT2

    BlackVue DR900X-2CH battery duration

    I have a BlackVue DR900X-2CH w/ CM100LTE. An installer used the BlackVue supplied power cable to get power directly from the car's battery. I normally only drive this car only on weekends and ideally would like the DR900X-2CH w/ CM100LTE to continue working in parking mode for 5-6 days...
  4. NJRedStingerGT2

    BlackVue DR900X-2CH/CM100LTE rapid connect/disconnect

    This morning my BlackVue DR900X-2CH/CM100LTE went through a series of six disconnects all within 16 minutes. The dashcam is currently set-up to connect to my home WIFI (for when the car is in my garage) as well as via a SIM installed in the CM100LTE. I do not know if the disconnection cycling...
  5. NJRedStingerGT2

    iX Ci Platform arrows (on display and Escort Live)

    I recently had a rear facing Escort radar receiver added to my existing iX Ci Platform system. Prior to having an install shop order it I contacted Escort directly to confirm that (among other things) the rear facing receiver would allow directional arrows on the iX Ci Platform display as well...
  6. NJRedStingerGT2

    BlackVue DR900X-2CH w/ CM100LTE & AT&T sim

    I recently purchased a BlackVue DR900X-2CH w/ CM100LTE installed by a local shop. I ordered an AT&T SIM card for the CM100LTE. Every time the DR900X-2CH reboots I get a verbal error message "please activate your sim card." I called AT&T tech support and they say the card is activated. They...
  7. NJRedStingerGT2

    NJ Turnpike Kia Forte with sensors/cameras?

    This morning I spied this Kia Forte on the New Jersey Turnpike near Newark Airport. Note the sensors/cameras on the rear trunk lid. They looked a lot like the license plate reading cameras found on some police cars. Any idea what these actually are and what agency is now using unmarked Kia...
  8. NJRedStingerGT2

    Escort Live Subscription

    This past weekend I received a warning on Escort Live that my subscription had expired. Of course, it occurred just as I was involved in two days of heavy driving. Anyway, I went to the site, logged in and the only thing I could find there was “Software + Services,” “Defender...
  9. NJRedStingerGT2

    New Jersey NJSP rear Ka only?

    A few days ago I was travelling on Interstate 195 in New Jersey. I was in the slow lane in amongst other traffic all travelling at the speed limit or very close to it. I noticed a marked NJSP Ford SUV LEO in the passing lane a few hundred yards back. There was no radar detected on my Escort iX...
  10. NJRedStingerGT2

    iX Ci Platform false K band positives

    I live in NJ and primarily drive in the New Jersey / New York / PA areas receiving quite a few K band false positives on my Escort iX Ci Platform system. To the point I feel I am far more proficient at detecting newer Hondas than I am detecting LEOs deploying K band. I am currently running Ka...
  11. NJRedStingerGT2

    Escort ShifterMax ZR5 false positives

    Yesterday I received four false laser positives within an hour or so, highway driving, in some instances other cars were nearby, in other instances not. The time was approximately 5PM, very sunny, approximately two hours before sunset. I've never received so many false positives before or as...
  12. NJRedStingerGT2

    How early should I receive a Ka reading, CO, perpendicular to transmitter?

    The following video is taken on Interstate 87 exiting Sloatsburg rest stop heading north. Note the LEO (@ 2:53) parked perpendicular to traffic on the median, constant on, Ka band. Question, if I was not using Escort Live and Waze, how early should I have received a Ka reading? I have a...
  13. NJRedStingerGT2

    Escort iX Ci Platform "Rep S1"

    My Escort iX Ci Platform has recently been displaying "Rep S1" about once per trip. Recently the car was taken apart to have a full wrap done (in chrome). I cannot find that code in the manual. Radar detection appears to be working. Not sure about laser shifting. No other error...
  14. NJRedStingerGT2

    New Jersey State Police Highway 195 Instant / Constant On?

    Last night on 195 in New Jersey I noted FOUR different instances (two in one direction, the same two going back) where NJSP were parked on the center median perpendicular to traffic, lights out, and where reception of Ka only began very close (within 200 feet or so) of their location and then...
  15. NJRedStingerGT2

    Testing iX Ci Platform / ShifterMax set-up member radarrob was kind enough to run my radar/lidar system through its paces yesterday. Below is what we found out as well as some questions for those of you more experienced with Escort: The Radar/Lidar System tested is a Escort iX Ci Platform with Escort ShifterMax Pack Plus...
  16. NJRedStingerGT2

    Radar detector rentals?

    I Googled "radar detector rentals" and did not come up with much. Are their places that rent latest generation radar detectors? If so, which are good rental companies? What makes them good?
  17. NJRedStingerGT2

    Planning a trip through Virginia

    I am planning a road trip between New Jersey and South Carolina. The most direct route would take me via 95 near Washington DC and then continuing on 95 through Fredericksburg and Richmond, then west on 15 crossing into NC near Danville VA. An alternate route (slightly longer/slower) would...
  18. NJRedStingerGT2

    Laser at NJ GSP toll booths

    I have an Escort iX Ci Platform system with ShifterMax 2 shifters. I’ve noticed upon exiting toll booths on the New Jersey Garden State Parkway I sometimes get laser warnings but with no LEO apparently present. Is NJ installing laser into some toll stations? Is it possible these are temporary...
  19. NJRedStingerGT2

    POP in New Jersey?

    I have an Escort iX Ci Platform system with ShifterMax 2 shifters. Recently on the New Jersey Garden State Parkway, with the iX Ci Platform in Highway mode – POP detection off, I went from zero detection to 100% full blast Ka band in the blink of an eye. I slowed down to the speed of traffic...
  20. NJRedStingerGT2


    Hi. New member here from Monmouth County NJ. Escort iX Ci Platform w/ShifterMax Pack Plus in a ’18 Kia Stinger GT2