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    integration with "stand-alone" radar detectors?

    Just before I sink a bunch of time into proof of concept for something that was already considered and rejected for whatever reason that is not yet obvious to me, I guess I'll ask here first ;) We all know that these radar detectors (I have uniden r3 ATM) have various sounds to alert us of...
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    heat maps on a time basis?

    I wonder if it was looked into any sort of a time mapping of alerts (since currently there's no crowd-sourced RD-detected alerts that only applies to the ones sourced from waze and the like I guess, hopefully crowd sourced alerts from RD users could also be done, the patent does not seem to...
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    Got two tickets and don't like it

    After 13 years of flying under the radar, got 2 back to back in VA and don't like the feeling (and the time lost to the roadside disco). So, time to do something about not getting any more (that does not include driving slow). Got uniden r3 for now, probably will need a lot more stuff 1599108999