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  1. Rocket Jockey

    V1 Gen2 Concealed Display Arrived Today!

    Received My V1 Gen2 Concealed Display Today! "SLICK"! 🙃 It's About A 1/2-inch Wider Than V1 Gen1? ESP Display! From the Front Edges- [Left To Right]. And Tapers-[>▬<] To the Rear About A 1/3rd of An Inch! Powers Off V1 Gen2 Unit From Remote Concealed Display! But, Doesn't Power It On! Very...
  2. Rocket Jockey

    Valentine One Has Been Shut Down

    Here's A Valentine One Site Update 4-1-2020: The Governor of Ohio has issued a Stay At Home Order because of the Covid-19 situation. Valentine Research cannot operate for the duration of the Ohio mandated order. We are unable to receive orders for upgrades at this time. Additionally, we will...
  3. Rocket Jockey

    V1 Gen2 New Android V1Connection App Available on Play Store

    Valentine One Released Late Yesterday! Early This Morning On the 17th of March 2020 New V1 App With 6-(●)'s Also New Icon of V1 In Oval Honeycomb Shape.
  4. Rocket Jockey

    Back Again!

    Hello Everyone! Been away a while. And glad to be back! Just catching up! Hope All Is Well! And has been "A Ticket Free" New Year! :-)