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    Lazer Jammers

    I had never been caught. I used to run Laser Interceptor back in the day, sold the car with the jammers still installed. I'd always Jam Then Kill (JTK), it saved me a few times, never got caught or questioned by the police. I had a quad set up (2 in front and 2 in rear).
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    Uniden R1 in Ontario

    Hi @iammarkus, take a look at the link below found in the General Radar Detector Discussion section of this forum. It will help you decide if the R1 works for you. I hope it helps. Regards,
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    Greetings from southern Ontario

    Welcome from T.O. my fellow GTA'r. When driving in T.O. watch out for laser, Metro T.O. use a lot of laser.
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    Ontario Man Charged With Driving 221KM/H

    I realize your comment is a diss but, mark me down for both, I'm an Ontarian and have a place down in Florida
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    Ontario Man Charged With Driving 221KM/H

    Yea, Ultralyte for sure. I see a lot of Metro T.O. Police shooting DESL. You're right, his insurance is going to be through the roof.
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    Ontario Man Charged With Driving 221KM/H

    I'd hate to be this guy. Click on link below.
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    New to The Platform; Expert on Speed Detection!

    Welcome to the forum Crazy 8s. As someone from Ontario, wondering if you've been in our neck of the woods and if so, what counter measures did you use while driving here? Regards,
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    Radenso Theia Update Dec 2020 - Discussion thread

    Thanks Jon for your honesty and transparency. I totally understand about the reduced supply chain during this pandemic. Stay safe and have a Merry Christmas to you and your incredible team.
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    Hello from italy!

    Benvenuto!! Welcome to the forum, lots of great info and members on board. Ciao,
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    Who here speaks FRENCH ?? Namely Quebec Canadian.

    How about @draneuS , I belive he is from Quebec.
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    Info Photo Radar Info (MultaRadar, Gatso, Mesta Fusion, Redflex, etc.)

    Yes @DC Fluid, we have these Redflex stationary cameras which run on low power K Band 24.091, They are set up in school zones and community safety zones. I'm hoping Theia will be able to give us good warning, as at the moment with my Redline O, it only detects it after I pass it. I realize my...
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    pflaugh intro

    Welcome @pflaugh , if you go to Vortex Radar's website and look under tutorials, check you VI Gen2 , and further down you will find JBV1 and how to configure it. Best of luck. Radar Detector Setup Tutorials - Vortex Radar
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    New member from canada

    Hey @TheCableGuy9000, a fellow Torontonian here as well. Yes, as others have said, be very careful when using it as it will be only a matter of time before they seize it. You can take a look at the following link in this forum. It give you a list of all the current non detectable detectors...
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    New member from canada

    Welocome fellow Canuck, if you're new to this whole radar/laser game, you'll learn alot in this forum. Many knowledgeable people on it, others, we're still learning.
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    Ground Radar on Ag Equipment

    @r3MI, I don't understand why you would want to be notified of this type of radar, if it was being used or not. I highly doubt it would be using radar transmitters which are used and made by police radar gun manufactures. Is your reasoning that you, want to make sure that these radar systems...
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    John From Vancouver

    Welcome to the forum John, great CM's.
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    Southern Ontario Radenso Pro M user

    Welcome from a fellow Ontarian.
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    Southern Ontario Radenso Pro M Question

    Hi @passat5v, Take a look at the Radar Detector Discussion section, and then under Radenso. There is a thread in there pertaining to Pro M settings for Toronto, I think this will help you with some of your questions. Regards,
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    Toronto Settings for Pro M?

    From what I've seen in Toronto, I've only witnessed fixed stationary boxes from Redflex, using low powered K band. That being said, photo radar in school and safety zones, has been approved for all of Ontario. Though Toronto is using Redflex, other municipalities in Ontario my use whatever...
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    New from Canada

    Welcome to the forum. Lots of great information and soon (by the end of the year) a new RD, Theia, coming out that will be great for Ontario.