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  1. Carspear

    Net Radar Ka Band Question

    Guys, Took the system out for a 300 mile trip. Only have the KA on the NR, and at times I just got One Beep or Two and the signal went away. It might have been a weak one really far away. Usually if there is a ramp up, it leads to a Valid threat. Any idea why am I picking up this weak signal...
  2. Carspear

    Remote Radars Observation - Escort IX IC vs Net Radar DSP

    Hey Guys, Thought I share my remote radar experiences with you. Ill make it short...(hopefully) Right now I have ALP for laser front and back etc. I did have a net radar/DSP too for 2 years. Then i switched to the Escort IXIC radar only system as I just got alerted on everything. Now I am back...
  3. Carspear

    Net Radar DSP - User Manual?

    Guys, I had the NR/DSP, now Escort IXiC I have some filters going very well on the Escort. Wanted to compare them to NR/DSP so I can go back to it, and it integrates into my Uber ALP. Does anyone have a user manual? I have seen all of Vortexes video/config etc. Thanks,
  4. Carspear

    Escort Error Messages

    Guys, Something weird going on with my IX IC system. Maybe it was too cold the last few days. These are the errors, they come and go but I dont think there is anything wrong... 1) Check FR 2) Check RR 3) The GPS does not get a signal until i restart the detector twice. I am taking the car in...
  5. Carspear

    The Vortex Schedule

    Hi Vortex, Is there anyway to come up with a schedule for the year called The Vortex Schedule. So we know when software releases etc are coming up, or your videos. This way my mind can be put to something else. I just dont want to miss an ALP update, or an Escort update for installed...
  6. Carspear

    Learned a New Trick

    Guys, I learned something new today. K narrow band 2 has all the radar guns. The rest of the narrow bands on K are useless. This helps cut down falses from doors etc. Gonna test it out for a few weeks. Cheers,
  7. Carspear

    New Escort Installed System?

    Hi Vortex and Guys, Does anyone have any inside info on whether Escort will be releasing a new remote installed system with all the bug fixes? All of us are on the Radenso wagon, but is Escort upto something too? Would be interested to know. I have been thinking about calling Escort and...
  8. Carspear

    Stinger Radar Good?

    Hi Guys and Vortex, I had a net radar DSP and got sick of the false alerts. I have an Escort Radar IX IC, and it too is noisy, the BSM's and Autounlearns are a headache to keep up with. I rather just keep the system off in city driving as even Walmart doors are a challenge for the Escort these...
  9. Carspear

    Escort Remote/Installed System Feedback

    Vortex and team, I have had around 3 months with my custom installed Escort Radar System. Its the best proposition on the market due to Autolearn. However, these are my complaints.. - In the city, the auto unlearn feature is super annoying. Sometimes even if the location is memorized and the...
  10. Carspear

    Question - Escort iX Ci Installed Detector Update?

    Hi Guys, I am hoping if anybody can answer this question. My Escort installed iX Ci goes off a lot on BSM's. All the Japanese cars included. I bought the detector and updated it in August when i had it installed. However, I plan to update it again tomorrow. The current version is and...
  11. Carspear

    Escort iX Ci Review

    I have had my Escort IX IC custom installed in my AMG a few weeks ago. Please note I have the radar only system with antennas in the front and back. For Laser, as per Vortex I use the ALP system with TX heads front and back. Total 3 in front and 3 at the back. So I have two systems installed in...
  12. Carspear


    Guys, My new Escort system is learning the falses. I have passes a sliding door location 2 times at the front in 2 days, and 2 times at the back in 2 days. Its still not stored the location as a False. I did read it has to be 3 times at the from or 3 times at the back. Is that correct? The...
  13. Carspear

    Escort Ka POP RADAR Detection

    Vortex, I’ve read all your articles and videos on Pop Radar. It is also inclusive of your last post saying turn Pop off which I did today. Everything works fine on my IX IC. My only question for you is what triggers the Pop false on escort detectors? Is it vehicle systems? I do drive into...
  14. Carspear

    Newbie Escort iX Ci

    Guys, Just got the iX Ci system installed today. Drove around for 30 minutes. Apart from the GPS alerts, the only alert i keep getting anywhere I go is POP. There is no other alert X, K, KA...everything is selected to active. My usual falses from my previous NR are not reporting anything when...
  15. Carspear

    Escort Max 360 CI

    Guys, I am getting the MAX 360 CI Radar system only on top of my ALP. Net Radar is being taken out. Does the escort system connect to the cars wifi hotspot? Also how do you keep it updated? Can Bluetooth do it? Or do i need detector tools? I have a Mac Cheers
  16. Carspear

    Just attending the party

    Guys, You won't see me post too much, but do visit my website Keeping up with cars we can all afford, and technology we want now! I just joined today to bug Tom after hours, as his office was closed. Also, thank you Vortex for pointing out the latest ALP firmware update...