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    ***Updated Second Generation Valentine One No Issues Thread***

    ***List Updated: 5/19/2020 @ 7:25 P.M. EST*** We have a running list of members that have had issues with their units (which is 40 or so people deep I believe) and that is updated regularly and we have a thread where everyone is chiming in if they've had a failure or not but we don't have a...
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    Potential Future Software/Hardware Improvements for the Second Generation Valentine One?

    ***(Updated 5/7/2020)*** Now that we've all(most of us) have gotten our hands on the second generation Valentine One, what potential areas do you see Valentine Research improving? Do you think we'll see hardware maybe added? What other software improvements can be made other than...
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    Anyone else have gunk buildup under the display?

    1585319697 Trying to contact Valentine, but they’re closed. I got it like this. Anyone know how I can get in contact with them? 1585319745
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    ***Second Generation Valentine One Issues Thread***

    So, after a week with my second generation Valentine 1, I have two issues so far. I get a lot of ghosting. I went into a shopping center that had one store(CVS) with a automatic door opener in it and I got 9 bogey's. I keep getting a laser false every single time I turn on my car.
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    ***Valentine1 Gen 2 Review/Impressions/Videos Thread***

    Please post your initial impressions and short-medium-long term reviews here. I'm hoping this thread makes it easier for potential buyers or people that are on the fence about buying one come to the dark side because we have cookies. I will be posting initial impressions and video reviews as...
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    Next Generation Valentine Product Discussion. (Not Patent Related)

    I'm creating this thread so that we can discuss possible new features that we want to see or possible new features confirmed for the new Valentine product. What do you want to see? What do you expect? Rumors have been floating around that something new is on the horizon. I created this thread so...
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    Anyone else having their R7 not alert to Laser?

    I'm in Maryland and they use speed cameras. They are portable boxes that they move around from time to time. Some of these boxes shoot laser. My V1 will go full blast laser as soon as I pass one but my R7 does not alert to anything. I haven't marked anything and I've deleted all marked...
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    R7 Settings & related Questions thread

    Post the state you are in and how you have it setup. Please also post FW version. Mine comes in on Tuesday. I'll post mine then. :)
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    Thank you RDF.

    I just wanted to take some time to recognize the RDF admin/mod team for putting their time and energy into this forum, and the members for being mature members actually having a discussion in the majority of the threads without flaming(usually). I joined this forum a long time ago and do not...
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    Any V1 users jumping to the recently announced R7?

    Been a V1 user for about 10 years now and the lack of updates has left me kind wanting more. We keep hearing about updates but nothing ever seems to come to fruition. As soon as the R7 drops, I think I'll be jumping ship. Anyone else thinking about it?
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    Problems with V1 and .894

    I'm starting this thread for users to post any issues they may have come across with the .894 software update. So far, as of 10/14/14 and a week of driving with my updated unit, I have run into three problems. I may need to contact Valentine Research shortly. 1.) My V1 will alert me to KA but...
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    Maryland V1 Users - K Band Off?

    Has anyone experienced any K band signals from a cop? I commute the University of Maryland Baltimore County from Potomac everyday. That requires me to take either the ICC to 95 take 270 to 495 to 95. Every K-Band I experience, It's either another cars radar system or a door opener. If I get a...